4 Paint Colors That Decrease The Value Of Your Home

Having a “favorite color” is something we discover at a young age. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to colors. According to new research, paint colors that we choose can directly impact the value of our homes. Zillow analyzed over 50,000 homes throughout the country to find out if paint color affected the final sale price. The study showed us that while everyone has their own “favorite colors”, there are four paint colors, in particular, that should always be avoided. Check out the 4 colors that decrease the value of your home that you should avoid when house painting in Chicago.


Of all 4 offending colors, off-white is the most surprising. The Zillow study found that the use of off-white can make a room feel “flat” or “dead”.


When house painting in Chicago, choosing to paint a living room terracotta could decrease the value of your home by $793 according to Zillow.

Slate Gray

Slate gay was another shocking paint color that people were unsettled by. Gray is a popular and well-liked paint color choice, however, you need to be careful that you choose the right shade when house painting in Chicago. The wrong shade of gray can decrease the final sale price of your home by over $1,000. According to the Zillow study, homeowners who chose to paint slate gray got $1,100 below the expected sale price of their home.

Dark Brown

Dark brown was referred to as “dirty” and even “death” by house hunters. When dark brown is used in a bathroom or bedroom, it lowered the final sale price by up to $469.

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