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4 Paint Colors That Decrease The Value Of Your Home

Having a “favorite color” is something we discover at a young age. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to colors. According to new research, paint colors that we choose can directly impact the value of our homes. Zillow analyzed over 50,000 homes throughout the country to find out if paint color affected the final sale price. The study showed us that while everyone has their own “favorite colors”, there are four paint colors, in particular, that should always be avoided. Check out the 4 colors that decrease the value of your home that you should avoid when house painting in Chicago.


Of all 4 offending colors, off-white is the most surprising. The Zillow study found that the use of off-white can make a room feel “flat” or “dead”.


When house painting in Chicago, choosing to paint a living room terracotta could decrease the value of your home by $793 according to Zillow.

Slate Gray

Slate gay was another shocking paint color that people were unsettled by. Gray is a popular and well-liked paint color choice, however, you need to be careful that you choose the right shade when house painting in Chicago. The wrong shade of gray can decrease the final sale price of your home by over $1,000. According to the Zillow study, homeowners who chose to paint slate gray got $1,100 below the expected sale price of their home.

Dark Brown

Dark brown was referred to as “dirty” and even “death” by house hunters. When dark brown is used in a bathroom or bedroom, it lowered the final sale price by up to $469.

Are you house painting in Chicago? Talk to our painting experts at Fortune Restoration today to get started. Our team of professionals has the experience and skill to help you transform your home to look brand new.

Source: Simplemost

Painting Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger Or Smaller

Paint colors can make a huge impact on the comfort level, vibe, and aesthetics of a room. Colors are more exciting when we realize how they affect our personal space. What some people don’t know, is that color can also alter our perception of a room’s size and shape. If you are a new condo or homeowner take a look at these house painting Chicago tips that can completely change the look of a room.

Paint The Ceiling

Does your house painting Chicago project involve a room that is too large and doesn’t feel comfortable? Paint the ceiling a dark color to make it appear lower. This will make the room feel cozier. You don’t need to choose a color as dark as black, just a paint color that is darker than your walls. If you have a small space that makes you feel claustrophobic, paint the ceiling a very light color. Lighter color paint on the ceilings will raise the apparent height of the ceiling.

Enlarge A Room With Uniform Walls

Painting a room with one color enables the eye to travel continuously around the space, making it appear larger. When you use different colors, your eye will stop at the line where the color changes. When you paint walls different colors you will see boundaries. When you paint with the same color, you don’t see boundaries and space will continue.

Alter The Shape Of A Room

If you have a narrow space, paint the end walls a shade or two darker than the other walls. This will make the end wall feel closer to you, resulting in a room that feels more square.

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Spring Cleaning Your Masonry in Chicago

Spring Cleaning Your Masonry in Chicago

All over the world, there are stone and brick buildings hundreds of years old. But while masonry is one of the most time-tested forms of construction, your masonry does need maintenance to keep it looking new. And if your Chicago home is of masonry construction, it’s time for a spring cleaning.

Keeping bricks clean is an ongoing project, and it’s not always easy. There are a few common types of grit and grime that affect masonry in Chicago. Each of them requires a different cleaning technique.

  1. Fungus and Moss

Usually, the easiest problem to deal with, unless you’ve got lots of growth. You can start by scraping off what you can, then using a bleach solution to get the rest.

  1. Oil and Soot

These substances are harder to get off and require a bit of chemistry. A solution with muriatic acid combined with a thorough brushing will take care of most oil and soot residue.

  1. Paint

While there are several methods to removing paint—power washing, acid washing, etc., the easiest thing to do is use a chemical stripper.

You likely spent more of your hard-earned money for the added character of a brick home compared to a typical stucco house. To care for that investment, and to continue to enjoy your home, you must commit to maintaining your masonry.

Curb appeal is a huge factor in a home’s value and clean masonry is beautiful masonry.

That said, cleaning your masonry can become a huge project if your home was built with all brick or stone. Not to mention dangerous if you’ve got a chimney to clean. Using sand blasters or paint removers can also cause more mess than there was to begin with, if done improperly.

Your time and safety are valuable, so it’s best to use a masonry contractor.

If you have masonry in Chicago and it needs a spring cleaning you’d be well served to talk to the professionals at Fortune Restoration Painting and Masonry.

We provide all kinds of masonry services for the Chicago area, not least of which is chemical cleaning for all your stonework, chimneys included. To learn more about our cleaning services visit us on the web. You can also schedule an appointment by calling (847) 647-2500!

Restoring Hyde Park

Restoring Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood and community on the southside of Chicago that is over 160 years old. It should not come as a surprise that some of the buildings are well over a century old and are in need of some major restorations and renovations. Fortune Restoration has been in the process of restoring Hyde park’s buildings to as close to their origins as possible, Our most recent project, the three-story six-unit condo building on the 5400 block of South Hyde Park Boulevard, built in 1907.

In an interview with the Hyde Park Herald, Tom Fortune, one of the co-founders of Fortune Restoration, states ” the building has not been touched in over 108 years and the porches are beginning to fall down”. The project to restore the porches began in the fall of 2015 and was finished in May of 2016. Our team refinished the cement floors, replaced the brick and steel beams, did the carpentry and installed a new drainage system for residents.

Our team at Fortune Restoration specializes in restoring old, significant historic structures and have worked hard on many residences throughout the Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods. Restorations are crucial due to wear and tear of Chicago’s humid summers and bitter winters, as well as old age.

Read the full story here: Hyde Park Herald

Signs Your Chimney Needs To Be Repaired

Fall is here! Is your home prepared? Now is the perfect time to complete your home restoration projects before the cold winter months. Many people make the mistake of thinking their chimney will never need repairs. The assume their chimney is a worry free part of their home. However, problems do arise and a chimney in need of a repair should be tended to as soon as possible. A damaged chimney is a serious fire hazard and very dangerous for you and your family. If your chimney is showing any of these signs, it is time to contact a brick repair Chicago company:

    1. Rust: There should never be rust in your firebox or damper. When rust is visible this is a sign of excess moisture in your chimney. If there is enough moisture in your chimney to cause visible signs of rusting, there may also be serious damage such as, cracked flue tiles.
    2. Leaks: A leaky chimney is a huge red flag! We have had no shortage of rain this summer, and if you’ve noticed dripping water around your chimney, it is very likely that your chimney has become damaged.
    3. Spalling bricks: If you begin to notice flaking, peeling or crumbling bricks on your chimney, it is a sign of serious damage. There are also instances where you may notice entire bricks of your chimney popping out of place. If this occurs you may need invest in structural chimney repairs with a brick repair Chicago company.
    4. Cracked chimney crown: The purpose of your chimney crown is to protect the bricks from water penetration and damage. If your chimney crown is showing cracks or damage, water will seep into the chimney. Your chimney crown is the first defense against water damage. It is vital that your chimney crown is in top shape for the winter and spring!
    5. Deteriorating or cracked mortar joints: When the mortar deteriorates, your masonry is exposed to more moisture which will accelerate the deterioration of the chimney as a whole. When temperatures drop, the added moisture can freeze the inside cracks in the masonry. When the moisture freezes and thaws in cracks larger cracks can develop. It is important that you contact a brick repair company in Chicago immediately to preserve your chimney from further damage.
    6. Shalling: If you begin to notice flakes of chimney tile accumulating in your fireplace, you need to have your chimney liner replaced as soon as possible. An un-fixed chimney liner can cause a dangerous house fire.

Brick Repair Chicago

If your home is showing any of the above signs, you are in need of chimney repairs. Our expert team at Fortune Restoration has the knowledge to help take care of everything from brick replacement to a complete chimney rebuild. Contact us today for your free estimate!

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Masonry

Masonry is an investment; as durable and long-lasting as masonry is, it still requires routine cleaning and maintenance. Over time, dirt and grime will build up. Cleaning is an inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of your home. Improper cleaning, however, could negatively impact your finances. Hiring a qualified masonry contractor in Chicago to provide chemical cleaning services, could make the difference between beautifying or harming your stone.

Masonry Contractors Chicago

Professional masonry contractors will provide the proper chemical mixture compositions for cleaning masonry. The effects of chemically cleaning your stone and masonry can be dramatic but should be done with proper care. Fortune Restoration’s expert masonry team will work as gently and diligently as possible to protect your masonry. Fortune Restoration have been trusted masonry contractors in Chicago for decades. Fortune Restoration is able to provide you with a same day quote for all of your masonry needs.

Don’t Use Muriatic Acid Or Sandblasting

Often times, people believe a DIY masonry cleaning will save them money and time. A mistake that is often made by people who are not experts in masonry, is to use the same methods their masonry as their concrete or stone. Using muriatic acid or sandblasting will both etch and damage the brick and mortar. This method will irreversibly change its appearance, resulting in a DIY project that will cost more financial harm than good.

Do Tests Before Cleaning

If you do decide that a DIY masonry cleaning is for you, make sure that you test your cleaning solution on your masonry in an inconspicuous area before cleaning. Make sure you rinse the area you tested and give it time to dry before you decide you are going to clean all of your masonry using this product.

Do Wet Surfaces And Apply Low Pressure

Apply water to the masonry before you begin to apply chemicals. In order for the chemicals to soak into the brick and stains, it will need to be wet. When you are applying the chemicals start at the top and move down the wall with as little pressure as possible.

Rinse Thoroughly

It is crucial when rinsing that you wash off ALL the chemical cleaning products. The chemicals that soaked into your brick should be washed off using a high power pressure washer.

The best way to clean your masonry is by hiring a masonry contractor in Chicago. Avoid DIY chemical cleaning that will hurt you financially. Trust that the professionals at Fortune Restoration, who have been cleaning masonry for decades, will get the job done correctly the first time!

Professional House Painting Oak Park

If you live in Oak Park your home is exposed to Chicago’s summer sunshine and winter frigid temperatures and snowfall. Just like other parts of your home, paint will weather and require repainting. Every 5-7 years is the recommendation of how often you should repaint your home’s exterior. Often times people choose to do a DIY house painting job to save money. The finished project of a DIY paint job could cost you more time and money than a professional would. In fact, there are several benefits to hiring a professional for your house painting in Oak Park.  

Save Time and Money

A paint job that would take you as a homeowner days or even weeks, could be completed by a professional in one or two days. Think again before you request of off work for a week to complete a painting project. Painting on your own will also require you to rent or purchase the appropriate tools. You will need paint rollers, paint trays, buckets and painter’s tape. A professional will have these items all on hand. Your professional house painting Oak Park company, will be a team of experts that are able to perform quality work. Meaning when paint is applied by a pro such as Fortune Restoration, the paint will last longer and will require less touch-ups, saving you money in the future.

High Quality Finished Product

Unless you are professional painter yourself, it is unlikely that you have the same skill set as a house painting Oak Park company. Fortune Restoration has years of experience making our team equip to finish the job and do so properly. If our team makes a mistake, we will fix it free of charge. When you make a mistake during your DIY project, there really won’t be many resources available to you. You will be stuck resolving and cleaning up your mistakes.
If you are searching for a house painting Oak Park company, call Fortune Restoration today! Our trusted team of professionals has been painting in the Chicagoland area for over 25 years. From large scale commercial projects to repainting a single room, we offer the painting services you need for your next project.

Importance Of Deck Restoration

Summer is here! How is your deck looking? Your deck will weather just like any part of your home and require restoration. It is important to understand the effects weather has on your deck and the how to prevent further damage from occurring.

How Weather Damages Your Deck
Melting snow and rain are quickly absorbed by the wood in your deck, resulting in softening and swelling of the wood. In contrast, the sun’s heat will cause the wood of your deck to dry, resulting in shrinkage and loss of natural oils. These cycles, when repeated, will cause your wood to warp, crack and split. Unprotected wood is subject to algae, mold, rot, and decay. You can also experience graying and degradation from UV rays. Your rotting deck will also attract a variety of insects. Over all, this will lead to a premature life for your wood and cost you expensive repairs.

Deck Protection
To protect exposed wood, a sealer must offer oils and resins to reduce the effects of warping, cupping, curling and shrinking. Other protection can include a fungicide, mildewcide, UV protection, complete penetration and transparent pigmentation to enhance and preserve the natural color of the wood.

How Fortune Restoration Can Help You
If time has taken a toll on your deck, it is time to take action and protect your deck from the effects of sunlight and moisture. Our team at Fortune Restoration pays close attention to detail to ensure a quality result for your deck. Call us today at (847) 647-2500.

Reasons To Choose Masonry For Your Home

What Is Masonry?
The term masonry refers to construction with stone. Masonry when referring to a building describes the stonework which is incorporated into the building. An individual that practices masonry is called a stonemason or a mason. The skills of a mason tend to command high prices, since working in stone is very tricky.

Why Choose Masonry For Your Home?

  1. Fire Resistant: Masonry is a non combustible material, making it a great safe choice for your home.
  2. Weather and Termite Resistant: When exterior walls are made of masonry there is no wood for the termites to eat. Likewise there is no material to rot during damp weather conditions. Additionally, masonry protects from health problems caused by dirt and rot such as chronic fatigue, asthma, throat infections and more.
  3. Green Material: Masonry products are recognized by the government as a contributor to green building status. These products are earth-friendly because they do not deplete precious natural and limited resources like timber.
  4. Excellent Sound Proofing: Masonry bricks are one of the best materials for blocking out noise, resulting in a more quiet home environment.
  5. Virtually Maintenance Free: Masonry requires far less maintenance than other building materials like wood for example.  
  6. Lower Insurance Premium: Masonry creates a higher level of security to protect against fire, weather, and termites. As a result of this, many insurance companies will offer up to a 15% discount on homeowners policies.
  7. Decreased Utility Bills: Concrete, combined with ‘thermal mass’ insulation systems, stores more energy. This means your home will stay warmer in winter and colder in summer. Which will result less electric consumption and lower utility bills.  
  8. Increased Resale: Simply put masonry homes are high quality, low maintenance homes. With low utility bills, lower insurance premiums, and a weather/termite proof home, you will be able to sell your home for the value it is worth.

Searching For Masonry Contractor In Chicago?
Fortune Restoration has been a name that numerous households in Chicago have trusted for their interior and exterior house projects. We understand the your masonry project, and take a look at the scope of work and provide you with estimated costs for the task at hand. Our pricing is most competitive in Chicago and our masonry contractors are the most professional, who will execute the work carefully and effectively. If you are looking for a professional and trusted masonry contractor in Chicago, look no further. Call us today at (847) 647-2500!

Raise the Vibe in Your Room with Ceiling Color

Designers like to say the “fifth wall” of a room is its ceiling. Yet, ceilings are often ignored when planning interior paint projects.

Common design rules provide that color can have the greatest impact on a room’s overall appearance. Adding color to your ceiling can also affect the feeling of a room and alter its entire geometry.

Here are three top tips for creating high vibes with ceiling color:

Know When To Stay Neutral

In rooms with wallpaper accents, molding, draperies, and the like, stick with complimentary neutral colors for the ceiling to avoid a “busy” 1look. Ceiling neutrals can provide a “harmonious color flow” and support the design personality of a room.

Design Tip – Always choose colors which complement the furnishings and other elements in the room.

Make Neutral Walls POP!      

Why not make the ceiling your one accent wall in the room? This colored ceiling changes the entire dynamic of this room, which would have been incredibly bland without it.Using a different color on the ceiling is one of the simplest and best ways to quickly change up a room. Accent the unexpected!

Echo Your Wall Color

If you like stronger colored walls, why not continue that preference above too? Create a striking effect by using one color on your walls and ceiling. Frame the color with a pastel or neutral shade on window, wall and ceiling trim. The end result will be an elegant looking room that also looks more spacious. You can also switch this pattern up for an ultra-sophisticated look by painting the ceiling and room trim in a the more dominant color and the walls in a softer color.

Conversely, recent trends also show people are opting for one color on walls and ceilings in rooms without trim to produce a “cozy” effect.

Wrap Up

Want warmth and drama? Go with bold and deep shades. Prefer light and airy? Play off existing colors with just enough differentiation.

Design Tip – Using color on high ceilings will keep you from feeling detached. You’ll get that pulled together feel the moment you walk in –colored ceilings make you feel grounded.

How you choose to paint your ceiling depends largely on its architecture and your preference. Add depth and dimension to your living spaces with ceiling color. If you’re still not convinced, or weary of making a move, talk to a design professional for help.

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