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How To Make Your Property More Attractive To Potential Buyers

make your home more attractive to potential buyers

This is definitely one of the most common questions that sellers have (especially those who don’t have a lot of experience yet) when it comes to selling a property. After all, there is a lot of inventory in the market, so it only makes sense that you want your property to stand out from the rest.

The last thing you want is to have your property out in the market for far too long that you are forced to accept the lowest offer just to get rid of it — not good for business. On the brighter side, there are many different ways to make your property more attractive and not all of them will cost you a lot.

So if you have the very same question and are searching for answers, read on.

Enhance your curb appeal

Curb appeal refers to the ‘attractiveness’ of a property that is for sale which includes its surroundings when viewed from the street. Great-looking pictures of the property are an excellent way to attract buyers, that’s a fact. However, it can be a completely different story when they’re outside looking at it in person.

Keep in mind that the property’s exterior is the first thing that buyers will see when they arrive. Your goal is to make it as attractive and as inviting as possible. The cheapest and most straightforward way to do this is by painting the outside of your house. Paint is already relatively inexpensive, and if you want to save even more, you can consider adding it as a DIY project.

However, it’s better to leave the painting to professionals if you are not that confident in your skills. Starting a painting project, stopping halfway through because you messed up, and hiring someone else is going to be more expensive than hiring an expert from the get-go.

Additionally, see to it that the lawn is adequately maintained and is free from any debris. Window boxes also do an outstanding job of enhancing the curb appeal of a property. If you already have some, be sure that they are well-maintained, neat, and organized.

Fix the little things

If you have lived in the property that you are planning to sell for a while, it can be quite easy to overlook the little things that need work. Dripping kitchen tap, broken doorknobs, cracked tiles, etc. — these are all things that you don’t always notice.

However, potential buyers will definitely take notice of these small imperfections. Besides, these things will also show up during a house survey, and it can potentially put you in a bad position to sell the property for the price you want.

One way to deal with this is by going through the whole house, inspecting each room for any imperfections. It’s also a good idea to have a house survey of your own carried out. This will give you more than enough time to get on top of things and will significantly decrease the chance of you getting a bad report during the survey by a potential buyer.

Depersonalize the home

Depersonalizing a home, especially the one where you have lived, is one of the most essential steps in the home staging process. This means that if you want to decorate the kitchen, it’s a better idea to opt for neutral colors and designs. The same goes for every other part of the house.

The goal of this is to provide potential buyers with a ‘blank slate’ to envision themselves living in the property. You have to understand that buyers will want to buy a house in which they are able to form an emotional connection — your personal style and taste will only get in the way.

Depersonalizing your property will not only give it a broader appeal, but it will also make it easier for you to sell it. Another benefit to this is that you wouldn’t have to spend as much on marketing the property which creates less stress for you.


One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is clutter, more so if there’s too much of it. If you want to sell your property, it’s crucial that you clear off shelves, tables, etc. of anything unnecessary. Clutter is annoyingly distracting, and when you want to sell your property, you don’t want potential buyers to be focusing on it instead of the features of your home.

Excessive clutter is more than enough to make any property look dirty aside from making the space small. And don’t even think about using the basement, attic, or garage to store your stuff. Potential buyers will want to inspect every area of the property, and they’d want to have as much space as possible should they decide to buy it.

Consider selling your stuff if you don’t have a place to store them. Not only will it solve your clutter issue, but it will also add more cash to your pockets. But if you insist on keeping them, you may want to get a storage unit to keep your things until the sale goes through temporarily.

Resolve pet issues

There are a lot of people who love pets like dogs and cats. However, it’s also true that some people want nothing to do with them. And if you are in the process of selling your property, you want to make sure that you attract both types of buyers. If you think about it, the concept is very similar to making your property as neutral as possible.

Pet issues should be addressed before selling a property. Chances are, your property has stains and odors if you have dogs, cats, or both. And when it’s time to show your home to the buyers, it’s important that you remove your pets for the time being.

It’s not just odor from pets that you need to take care of. The same applies to smoking and any other source of unwanted smell in the house. And yes, never ever smoke while you are showing the property to the buyers unless you’re not really interested in selling it.


Finally, always remember that the best property for buyers is one that is priced just right. It’s understandable that you want to make as much profit as possible. However, you have to make sure that the price you put up the property for is justifiable. The tips above should help you with the ‘justification’ part but see to it that you don’t go overboard.

The Best Paint Colors to Sell Your House in 2018

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your house is being strategic about what colors to use. An impressive color analysis done by Zillow in 2017 looks at the best paint colors to sell your house and found that certain colors play a huge in selling by up to thousands more.

That’s why it is worth doing some research before you get started. This article will help you choose the best paint colors to sell your home.

sell your home by repainting

What Color Should I Paint My House to Sell It?

What color should I paint my house? This is a common question that homebuyers looking to sell their house worry about. Before we get started, make a note that painting your house to sell is different from painting it for yourself. It may be tempting to paint your living room mint green because you loved the way it looked in a magazine, but a mint green living room isn’t exactly for everyone.

When painting your house to sell, you want to think about the colors that appeal to most people. It doesn’t mean you have to paint all your walls white or neutral but take into consideration to use colors that don’t cause strong reactions.

Are you on the market to sell your home? Often times, homeowners are under the impression that they need to do major home renovations in order to increase the value of their home before putting it on the market. Fortunately, increasing the value of your home is much easier than you think. A small improvement like painting can add significant value to your home when done properly. In this blog, we’re discussing the paint color trends that can change the value of your home.

When In Doubt Go Blue

Americans have an obsession with the color blue. According to the Zillow analysis, homes with blue bathrooms (powder blue or periwinkle) sold for $5,400 more than expected. In contrast, homes with white, off-white, or eggshell bathrooms sold for $4,035 less than similar homes. If you currently have a white painted bathroom consult with your painters near Evanston before putting your home on the market. You may surprised how beautiful periwinkle will look in your powder room when painted by a professional.MJ McElwaney of South Carolina luxury real estate group, NV Realty adds, “Compared to blue, white walls can look institutional.”

Blue is also super popular in kitchens. Homes with soft blue kitchens typically sold for $1,809 more, while yellow kitchens brought prices down by $820 on average. Dining rooms with blue paint sold for $1,926 and dining rooms painted red took a pay cut of $2,031. On the flipside, living rooms painted blue suffered an average of $820. Living rooms with light beige, pale taupe, and oatmeal sold for around $1,809 more. For the full paint color analysis check out this article from Elle Decor.

Where Paint Color Matters

The Zillow study analyzed over 32,000 homes in the United States to see how exactly paint color impacts the purchase price. Bathroom paint color seemed to have the strongest impact over all the other rooms in the home. If you are planning to sell list your home, a small bathroom interior paint job by painters near Evanston could make a significant difference. Color can be a powerful tool for attracting buyers to a home, especially in listing imagery.

How to Choose a Paint Color to Sell Your House


What type of style and from what period is your house? Is it a Colonial-style house with clean lines or an old Victorian house with many intricate details? Research other houses that look similar to yours to get an idea of what colors work best for your house.


What is your house made of? Is it made out of wood or stucco? Does the room you want to paint have red brick walls or lots of wood surfaces? These are all things to consider when choosing a color.


Bob Vila, a home improvement expert, may have said it best, “remember that no home exists in isolation: Its appearance is affected by the appearance of neighboring homes and even the color of shrubs and trees around it.”

what color to paint your living room to sell your house

Home Paint Trends

Every year, a new color emerges as the top choice for selling homes. Last year, blue was the clear winner for its versatility. However, you must keep in mind that trends come and go and styles vary from region to region.

In addition, colors also come in many different shades and hues. Just because a color is considered a “neutral,” it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Not all shades of white look the same and not all shades of brown look the same. Every color has a cooler and warmer hue that can match any profile.

Best Exterior Paint To Sell Your Home

Best Exterior Paint To Sell Your Home

The exterior of a home is the most important area to paint before selling your home. It is your chance to give off a great first impression.

While an entirely new color is desired at times, in some cases, you might just need to restore the old color because that may be the best color for your home.

If you wish to change the color completely, consult a paint dealer before you make such a drastic change. After all, an entire home is not easy for you or anyone to repaint.

For Colonial-style homes or homes with minimal features, the best exterior paint colors to sell a house are muted colors such as white, beige, or light gray work best because they make the house look larger and cleaner. In a study conducted by Zillow, homes in brown and “greige,” (a mix of beige and gray), were sold for $1,526 more on average.

For homes with more intricate details like those of the Victorian era, best exterior paint colors to sell a house are bold colors because they make those small, beautiful details stand out. You can also mix and match multiple colors to contrast trims and accents. Here is a helpful guide for choosing colors for Victorian homes.

Best Interior Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Best Interior Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Living Room Paint Colors

Unlike the exterior of a home, Zillow found that the Best Interior Paint Colors to Sell Your Home are warm colors. Cool colors rank the lowest.

This is because warm colors such as brown or tan tend to give off a warm vibe and it serves well in a room where people usually gather. Mocha brown, tan or cream are popular choices.

If your living room receives a lot of sunlight and it’s quite spacious, you might be able to get away with a darker hue like espresso brown. You must, however; leave the ceiling or trims white to balance the space. Otherwise, the room will start to feel smaller.

kitchen paint colors

Painting Your Kitchen

Traditionally, sunnier colors like yellow or creams were favorites for kitchens as they induce appetite and festivity.

Interestingly, however; Zillow found that in 2017, light blue and soft gray kitchens sold for $1,809 more than other colors. This could be because light blue brings a retro-look to kitchens and grays make a kitchen look modern.

Whichever color you choose, make sure to select a shade that matches the cabinets, tiles and the rest of the house

Dining Room Paint

The dining room is a toss up of a kitchen and a living room since it’s a place where people gather to eat and socialize. For this reason, cool colors like blues and grays, as well as warm colors like beige and light browns, can all work well for this room.

To determine the best color for your dining room, consider the colors in the rest of the house. If you already have a lighter palette going on, painting this the dining room darker can cause the colors to clash, and vice versa.

Blues and slate grays were once again the winning colors for the living room in the Zillow study and reds were the least favorite.


A study done by the Edinburgh Sleep Centre proved that people who slept in blue bedrooms slept the longest compared to those who slept in other colored bedrooms.

It is no surprise that Zillow reveals that light blue bedrooms sold for $1,856 more. This is because light blue has a calming effect similar to the ocean or the sky. It reminds people of their beach vacations and relaxation.

If you’re not a fan of blue, the runner-up colors in the sleep study were yellow and green.


You’re probably used to seeing white painted bathrooms everywhere, but did you know that white is the lowest selling color for bathrooms? It’s true. Zillow found that houses with white bathrooms sold for $4,035 less on average!

In contrast, blue and purple bathrooms were the best bathroom paint colors, selling for $5,440 more. That should inspire you to think outside the box when choosing your bathroom paint color.

And, because the bathroom is a smaller space, you can be a bit more creative. The best color would be the one that compliments the features already in your bathroom.

For example, if you have white tiles or floors, you can pick darker hues to create a sharper contrast. If you have lots of wood, softer colors like light blue or mint green might work best.

Painting the Front Door

painting your front door

You may have not thought about painting your door, but doing so and knowing which colors to select will help increase the chances of a better sale.

Having an attractive curb appeal can set your house value upward by the thousands. As Zillow discovered, houses with dark navy blue and slate doors sold for $1,514 more.

One way to decide what color to paint your front door is to anticipate the emotions you want to convey to buyers. Do you want them to see your house as a vibrant and lively place or a calm and collected place? Bright colors will convey a playful energy while subdued colors will emit seriousness.

As with anything else, make sure the color of your door matches the rest of the house’s facade. To do this, you can use a color wheel to pick a complementary color to make your door pop.

Things to Remember

When it comes down to it, the best paint colors to sell your house can be subjective but you can following these tips and recommendations will ensure you’re not picking the wrong colors.

One-of-a-kind colors, like red or dark blue, for example, are not great choices because not only are they more costly but they are harder to match.

Size and lighting also play an important role when deciding. The smaller and darker the space, the lighter the color should be. The larger and brighter the space, the darker the paint.

And last but not least, a good idea is to consult a paint dealer before painting large areas. It’s a great investment saving you time, money and stress. When meeting with a paint dealer, bring pictures of your house and your neighborhood for to give them some context and so that they better assist you. In addition, you can also use one of the online paint visualizers such as this one by Sherwin-Williams to try on different colors for your house.

Remember, the best paint colors to sell your home are not the colors that show off your personal taste and style. The colors should speak to buyers and also help restore your house back to its former glory.  They’ll accent the way that you’ve decorated or staged the home, too!

Paint Trends for 2018

Though it may be hard to believe during the depths of January and February, spring is on the way. And spring is the perfect time to think of giving new beauty to the interior of your home by adding some exciting new colors.
If you’re looking forward to some house painting in Oak Park or any other area of Chicagoland, we hope you’ll think about hiring Fortune Restoration for all you painting needs. Whether it’s an historical home or one more recently built, our painting experts can help bring new luster and life to walls that may have become a bit drab and tired over time.
Since house painting in Oak Park and its environs is one of our specialties, we like to keep informed about coming trends. Briefly stated, for 2018 colors, as opposed to neutrals, are in, and here are a few of the bold, exciting colors that should loom large in the coming year.

  • PPG’s color of choice for 2018 is what they call Black Flame (PPG 1043-7). The company describes the color as a fantastic blend of two classic hues, black and navy. The company says that black provides the silence we crave in an information-laden world, while navy offers possibility and a deep hopefulness.
  • Oceanside by Sherwin-Williams (SW 6496) – The company describes this color as an opulent peacock blue. It’s a very versatile color that blends well with yellows, corals or other shades of navy.
  • Caliente by Benjamin Moore (AF 290) – If you’ve ever thought of using red in your home, this is a shade to try for an accent wall or on cabinets, balanced with a little white.
  • Deep Onyx by Glidden (OONN 07/000) – Black might seem intimidating at first, but it really pairs well with colors from reds and blues to earthy browns and whites.
  • Bahia Grass by Kelly-Moore (KM 4782) – This is a subtle shade of green that evokes images of gentle grass swaying in the wind and blends well with white and cream.

These are just a few exciting new choices from an endless array of possibilities. Whether you’re planning a complete color overhaul or just a room or two, for your house painting in Oak Park and surrounding areas, call Fortune Restoration at (847) 647-2500 for your no-obligation quote from one of our painting design experts. Fortune Restoration wants to be your painting contractor, and remember, we’re never satisfied until you’re completely satisfied.

Tips for Cold Weather Brick Repair

Providing brick repair in Chicago and its suburbs is one of our specialties at Fortune Restoration. Having done repair and restoration on thousands of historical homes and buildings throughout the Chicagoland area, we know that brick repair during Chicago’s sometimes howling winters presents its own special challenges. We’ll share a few winter repair tips with you after pointing out some basics about the interaction between bricks and mortar.

Brick and Mortar Basics

An essential fact about mortar is that it’s deliberately made softer than the bricks it separates to allow for building movement.
“When things shift, something is going to crack, and in building construction the intent is that the soft mortar will crack before the brick because mortar is easier to repair (repoint) than brick. That’s why cracks in a brick wall in a historical building, for example, will show up in a zig zag line in the mortar rather than the brick,” says the team at Touchstone Commercial Services.

Winter Conditions

Winter brick repair in Chicago presents its own challenges, and the goal is to eliminate or minimize the undesirable effects of cold temperatures on the materials.
Cold bricks lower the temperature of the mortar placed between them, and if they’re cold enough the temperature of the mortar may drop below freezing and lead to disruptive expansion of the mortar as water in the mortar freezes.

Also, wet or frozen bricks prevent formation of a good bond between bricks and mortar.

With these basics in mind, here are a few tips for brick repair in Chicago during winter.

• Place your materials on planks, not the bare, wet ground, and cover them with tarps to protect against ground moisture, rain and snow.

• If necessary, heat sand and/or mixing water to produce a mortar temperature between 40° and 120°F.

• With temperatures above 32°F, cover the walls with plastic to keep water out of the masonry.

• With temperatures below 32°F, use a ½ inch insulation blanket to reduce heat loss or keep water out of the masonry.

• Do not tool until the mortar it’s thumbprint hard.

• Cover unfinished work to protect against rain, snow and ice.

The masonry specialists at Fortune Restoration are of course familiar with all these winter techniques and many more. So if you need winter brick repair in Chicago, please call us at (847) 647-2500 for your free, no-obligation estimate on your brick repair needs.

Is Your Paint Peeling

One of the most common issues that painters in Oak Park and other areas of Chicagoland run into is peeling paint, and there are at least three possible causes for the problem.

The Wrong Paint

The first thing possibility is paint incompatibility, especially in older, historical homes and historic landmarks that have many coats of alkyd/oil-based paints on them.
Basically, there are two kinds of house paint: oil, also called alkyd because of the alcohols and acids used in it, and latex. When applied, oil paint forms a tough, plastic film as the binder in it reacts with oxygen in the air. And this process never stops. As the paint ages it continues to oxidize, becoming increasingly brittle and unable to expand and contract with the wood under it.
Latex, in contrast, cures in two to three weeks, and then remains flexible. Ironically, it’s this flexibility that cause problems, especially on walls that face the afternoon sun, when latex is applied over alkyd paint. The latex paint and wood expand as the temperature rises, but the alkyd trapped between the wood and the latex doesn’t. Instead, the alkyd separates from the wood below, and the paint peels.
The obvious solution used by painters in Oak Park is to strip away all the old paint, going down to the bare wood or masonry if necessary.

Poor Prep Work

If the surface was dirty, wet or shiny before the new paint was applied, poor adhesion may occur. Then it’s common for the new coat to peel up, leaving the old coat behind.


This is another cause of peeling paint, especially in bathrooms. If moisture gets beneath the paint, it can cause separation, and the source of the moisture must be eliminated.
Once eliminated, the surface must then be allowed to dry thoroughly before you clean it and apply new coats of primer and paint.
You can, of course, deal with peeling paint yourself, but the very best solution is to call in the professionals from Fortune Restoration. For painters in Oak Park and other Chicago suburbs, we believe we’re your very best choice as we’ve dealt with this problem in thousands of historical and new homes and historic landmarks since we started our business in 1979.
Call us today at (847) 647-2500 for your free, no-obligation estimate and give our experts the opportunity to peel your paint problems away.

Home Painting Resolutions

It’s that time of the year when we make all those resolutions for the coming year: get more exercise, eat healthier, get more sleep, and on and on. The possibilities are endless. Since we’re paint contractors in Chicago, we know we’re a little biased, but we’d like to suggest that while making all those resolutions, you might think about throwing some paint into the mix!
The afterglow of the holidays is a great time to start thinking about how you might dress up and beautify your home with some paint. It might be one room or several, but a fresh coat of paint symbolizes new beginnings and is a great way to update the décor of your home.
As your favorite paint contractors in Chicago, we just happen to have a few suggestions to pass along.

Think Bold

Whether it’s an historical or newer home, using bold colors is a sure way to revamp the interior of your home with exciting impact. While monochromatic color schemes and muted colors make a great starting palette, why not shake things up a bit in 2017? For example, Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, based on a color much used by the Dutch, would work well on accent walls in either a bathroom or bedroom.
Having worked as paint contractors in Chicago since 1979, we know that adding a few bold, new colors can bring a lot more glamour to the interior of your home than a few pops of color provided by pillows, throws or vases.

Add a Cozy Touch

If you have a large open space or room in your home that doesn’t feel particularly inviting, think of doing it over in a dark color. Dark colors tend to pull in space and make a large room feel intimate, cozy and warm.

Don’t Overdo It

While dark hues add warmth to a larger room, they can shrink smaller rooms into a coffin-like space. Used as an accent color on a wall is fine, but avoid using that color on every wall in a small room.

Make a Plan

Decide which room or rooms are most in need of a painting makeover and check your calendar to decide the time that works best for you. Then call Fortune Restoration at (847) 647-2500 to schedule your free, no-obligation appointment and let us help you carry out those home painting resolutions for the coming year.

Give Your Home a Facelift with Paint

As house painters serving Evanston and other areas of Chicagoland, we realize that when most homeowners think of painting their house, the interior often gets first consideration. Up to a point, that’s fine. Redoing the interior can give your home a renewed beauty and freshness without destroying your budget.

Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your house looks on the inside, people are first going to judge it from the outside. They’ll initially consider its “curb appeal,” which is real estate language for the first impression that a house makes on others.

Perhaps over time you’ve simply become blind to the shortcomings that jump out to others when they see your house for the first time.

House painters in Evanston know that if your house looks sad and unloved, that doesn’t project curb appeal. Whether you want to sell your house or simply give it a facelift, what you do with the exterior can make a huge difference in both appearance and potential resale value.

Do Some Homework

In considering an exterior facelift, you might first do a little homework on your own. For example, take several pictures of your house and spend some time thinking about exterior color changes you might want to make.

Also, take pictures of other homes that you like and make note of their exterior colors that appeal to you.

Additional Considerations

  • In choosing exterior colors, it’s probably a good idea to never use more than three. That’s enough to provide contrast without making your house look like a rainbow.
  • Don’t go for fads that will probably date quickly. Choose colors that will look good for ten years or so.
  • It’s probably a good idea to avoid high-gloss paints, opting instead for low-sheen paints that will look much smarter.
  • As you consider exterior colors, remember that you want to use those that blend well with the age and architecture of your house, as well as those that harmonize with the overall appearance of your neighborhood.

Once you’ve finished your “homework” and start considering house painters in Evanston, we hope you’ll contact Fortune Restoration. We’ve been painting both historical and contemporary homes since 1979, and our experts will help you pick the colors that are right for you. Give us a call today at (847) 647-2500 for your free, no-obligation estimate and let’s start working together on that facelift.

Masonry For Winter

Prepare Your Masonry For Winter

It is almost time to say goodbye to this beautiful fall weather in Chicago and say hello to winter. As a homeowner, winter home preparation should be on your mind. Having your chimney system cleaned and inspected should be on the top of your to-do list. Along with cleaning your chimney system, there are other important ways to prepare your masonry for winter that homeowners often forget. Here at Fortune Restoration, we are your masonry Chicago experts. We want to help you avoid damage to your masonry this winter and protect your largest investment – your home.

Water and Your Masonry

Your masonry chimney is made up of masonry, metal materials, brick, mortar, concrete, stone, flue tile, cast iron, and steel. These materials can all be damaged by water and moisture. When masonry comes in contact with water, it can cause rusting malfunction. Water freezing and defrosting on your masonry chimney can cause severe damage. When water is frozen, it will expand and cause your masonry to shit and move. The process of freezing and thawing speeds up the deterioration of your masonry chimney.

Avoid Damage To Your Masonry in Chicago

Waterproofing your chimney is crucial to preventing water damage to your masonry in Chicago. The Chimney Safety Institute of America suggests the following could cause your masonry chimney to become damaged:

  • Chimney cap that is missing, improperly installed or damaged
  • Damaged chimney crown
  • Shifted, missing, or rusted flashing

Your Masonry Chicago Experts

The best way to protect your masonry is to hire an experienced chimney restoration team. Here at Fortune Restoration, our knowledgeable team will be able to take care of everything from brick replacement to a complete chimney rebuild. Masonry units themselves, brick, stone or concrete block, may have a serviceable life of 100 years or more – if properly cared for. Learn more about our masonry Chicago services here.

Check out 4 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home!

With the cool breezes flowing, it is time to once again look for your home maintenance part. Certainly, something should be left for the professional. However, there is a long list of things you can start yourself and save your money. Read on to know more.

Winters are special in many ways. As soon as the winds start getting colder, you start making special arrangements. Ranging from the addition of winter coats, boots, etc. to your wardrobe to the significant changes in your skin care regiment, you make several editions for winters. What about your home? Have you made any special preparations? Just like your body and skin, your home also needs special attention in winters. Check out below, what all you can do these winters:

Start with your roof
Roof MaintenanceIt is the first interface for those chilly breezes. Hence, you must look for their maintenancefirst. Your roof starts wearing down over a time and here arises the need to check your roof for the signs of damage. Are there any shingles or some tiles to break? Are there any exposed areas in the underlayment? If act as yes, these can leaks and holes for the water and wind to seep through your attic. If things seem to be getting worse, consulting a roofing professional is the right solution.

Clear the walkways

You love snowfall, that’s good. But snow andice build-up in driveways can be seriously dangerous. Thus, for your safety and even your neighbors, it is a must to plow or shovel the snow which covers the traffic areas. While it protects you from several minor and major accidents, on other hand it help keep your home warmer.

Plan for windows
Plan for windowsThe maximum amount of wind enters your house through the windows. In order to overcome this problem, consider hanging extra curtains and blinds. You can do this in both, i.e. your living room and bedroom. It will not only act as a barrier but also help to insulate and keep the heat in. When it is sunny outside, you can easily open them and let the warm waves make your residence cozier. Thermal curtains are a great addition these days, which also offer increased insulation.

Clear the fireplace:
Clear the fireplace

In the winter nights, it is the fireplace which makes your enjoy hot coffee sitting beside it. It keeps your space warm and cozy all through winters. And what more important is that it is easy and inexpensive to maintain. The key to success is that you need to keep your fireplace cleaned. You can start annually, preferably before you start using it in the fall. and winter. Actually, after some time creosote, extremely flammable oil starts building on the interior of the chimney, which if not removed, can catch fire easily. Hence, from safety perspective also you need to make your fireplace fire-ready.

So, if you haven’t put any great efforts yet, it is right time to take out few minutes to walk around your home and visually inspect what all needs maintenance. It is important from both perspectives, i.e. safety and home maintenance. Get started today!


How to install laminate floorings at home?

Laminated flooring is becoming a popular option these days. It provides your home with stunning looks. And the best thing about this flooring style is that it is very affordable. So, now you can have the quality, style and durability altogether and that too at prices that will not break the bank.

Laminated flooring

Planning to have laminate floors at home? Well, it is a great idea. But if you are trying hands on the laminate flooring installation for first time, it can be a daunting task for you. However, if you spend little time in understanding the process for how to install laminate flooring, you will end up with beautiful floors. You will need some tool kit at your dispense and proper instructions to give it a final touch.

So, just before you start ensure the following with yourself:

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Pull bar
  • Foam underlayment
  • Tapping block
  • Laminate flooring
  • Spacers
  • Hand saw/coping saw
  • Hammer
  1. Planning: Firstly, make sure to plan your installation properly. For example, measure the laying area carefully and according buy the right number of laminate square. A little time you spend in planning and preparing can save you from those installation hassles easily. Once you are done with planning, start with tearing out the old flooring.Laminated flooring
  2. Work with the new flooring: Remember, the floors have tendency to shrink and expand with temperature and humidity changes. For this, prepare them for the conditions of your space once week prior to installation. Remove the plastic packaging and keep it in an open surface. On the other hand, you can start removing the base moldings and lifting up the old flooring. Keep in mind that you clean the debris and then inspect the surface for repair.
  3. Underlayment is needed: While some laminate flooring comes with foam underlayment, you can also buy them later. For those who purchase it separately can install one strip at a time and once you are done with it, you need to trim the door jambs. Use a hand saw to do this. It offers your floor a clean and professional look.
  4.  Installation: Begifoam underlaymentn the process with the longest one. Do it carefully, as the first plank is the most important one and forms the base for further installation. Remember, you need to keep place for natural expansion and contraction. So, place half-inch gap and gently tap for a snug fit. For a long lasting and perfect installation, make sure to stagger the end joints of the adjacent boards.
  5. Wind up carefully: Just like your first plank, the last one needs equal, in fact greater attention. In case it is necessary to trim the board, ensure that it’s flush.

Laminate floorings are being loved by the homeowners who want a look of wood for their floors without investing much. And, now there is one more reason- it’s easy to install. So, if you’re moderately handy and have those basic tools, you can get the job done on a weekend!

Exterior Paint Colors- Adding value to your home!

Being one of the most popular types of home improvement, it is the rightly done exterior paint job which adds value to your home. Yes, it can give your property a totally new look. Whether you are planning to sell your house or just want it to look most beautiful, painting it the perfect way is the key.Painted Lady in Oak Park

Planning for a makeover for your home? Definitely, exterior paint is one of the major tasks to be done, isn’t it? It is the paint on your exteriors which depicts your taste and choice to the viewers. Anyone who visits your house, first come into contact with the exteriors walls, and yes, the color on them. And remember the common phrase; first impression is the last impression!

Surely, you want the impression to be the best and last forever. Thus, while you are stepping ahead with your plans of paint redo, make sure you get done it by experts. Besides, the major task is to choose the right paint color. If you thing it is an easy job, you are probably wrong. While the interior paint is about personal taste, for exterior it about durability too. So don’t rush it and take some time to make a wise decision.

You can consider some of the below listed tips for better results. Have a look:

Keep your budget a bit flexible: You already have a budget ready for the painting job. That’s really good. But, it is advisable to keep it little flexible. Certainly, you don’t want climbing up a scaffold after a year or soon, or pay someone again for painting it the right way. Thus, spending a little more money will not be a bad idea. Invest in something that resist stains and stand up to severe weather conditions.

Painted lady Oak Park

Consider the best material:  Do you have an existing brick foundation, some patio work, or accents? If yes, you need to consider the underlying tones too while choosing a paint shade. You can always try pairing opposite colors, for example, for those warm red brick foundation choose a taupe with cool gray or blue undertones. It will really look magnificent.

Technology can help: The good thing is that technology makes your work much easier. How? It is simple; you can bring in a sample of permanent materials to the paint store and ask for computer color matching. Besides, there are some online tools which can be used to find out something matching and coordinating with your requirements.

Don’t count on the paint chips: Similar to the interior colors, your exterior shades vary widely from the way they appear. Also, painting the exterior is a bigger undertaking and you want to get them right the first time, make sure you don’t rely on the chips alone. Try a quart of paint on an inconspicuous area. You can study it at various times, under different weather conditions, before you finalize things.

Remember, an effective use of color on the exterior help you add much more to its value. For professional help, Fortune Restoration is always ready to help. Contact us today!