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Exterior Paint Colors- Adding value to your home!

Being one of the most popular types of home improvement, it is the rightly done exterior paint job which adds value to your home. Yes, it can give your property a totally new look. Whether you are planning to sell your house or just want it to look most beautiful, painting it the perfect way is the key.Painted Lady in Oak Park

Planning for a makeover for your home? Definitely, exterior paint is one of the major tasks to be done, isn’t it? It is the paint on your exteriors which depicts your taste and choice to the viewers. Anyone who visits your house, first come into contact with the exteriors walls, and yes, the color on them. And remember the common phrase; first impression is the last impression!

Surely, you want the impression to be the best and last forever. Thus, while you are stepping ahead with your plans of paint redo, make sure you get done it by experts. Besides, the major task is to choose the right paint color. If you thing it is an easy job, you are probably wrong. While the interior paint is about personal taste, for exterior it about durability too. So don’t rush it and take some time to make a wise decision.

You can consider some of the below listed tips for better results. Have a look:

Keep your budget a bit flexible: You already have a budget ready for the painting job. That’s really good. But, it is advisable to keep it little flexible. Certainly, you don’t want climbing up a scaffold after a year or soon, or pay someone again for painting it the right way. Thus, spending a little more money will not be a bad idea. Invest in something that resist stains and stand up to severe weather conditions.

Painted lady Oak Park

Consider the best material:  Do you have an existing brick foundation, some patio work, or accents? If yes, you need to consider the underlying tones too while choosing a paint shade. You can always try pairing opposite colors, for example, for those warm red brick foundation choose a taupe with cool gray or blue undertones. It will really look magnificent.

Technology can help: The good thing is that technology makes your work much easier. How? It is simple; you can bring in a sample of permanent materials to the paint store and ask for computer color matching. Besides, there are some online tools which can be used to find out something matching and coordinating with your requirements.

Don’t count on the paint chips: Similar to the interior colors, your exterior shades vary widely from the way they appear. Also, painting the exterior is a bigger undertaking and you want to get them right the first time, make sure you don’t rely on the chips alone. Try a quart of paint on an inconspicuous area. You can study it at various times, under different weather conditions, before you finalize things.

Remember, an effective use of color on the exterior help you add much more to its value. For professional help, Fortune Restoration is always ready to help. Contact us today!

customize your deck to fit the space and lifestyle

Looking for unique ideas to work your deck??? Here are a few amazing ways of adding a beautiful deck to your space.

For some, it serves as a relaxing area while for others it is an entertainment area for parties and get-together. Besides these, a beautiful deck can bridge the gap between the ins-and-out of the home or office space turning it into a comfy and appealing space.

A functional and efficient deck design can offer myriads of features to fulfill specific purposes as per the needs of the people.

Apart from that outdated rudimentary rectangular wooden design, you can customize your deck to fit your space and lifestyle.

Check out here for a few amazing deck designs to add value and aesthetics to your home.

Leveled deck Leveled deck – Tying the deck in different levels can serve various purposes. It can break the monotonous look of your large flat backyard or the terrain slopes. In such a case, while you can use the top level of you deck for entertainment that opens from the kitchen, the lower level can serve for lounging. Moreover, you can also highlight any view by designing multiple decks as advantageous points. Devote these layers for both public and private outdoor spaces and make fun!

Party deck – If outdoor parties are not enticing you anymore, you’re your deck a new party place for you! Think about ideas by which you can work your party features into your deck plan. You can incorporate a room for hammock, an outdoor pantry, a fire pit, and plenty of built-in seating. Just bring in your buddies and party hard!!!

Tree-hugging deck-If sitting under the tree makes you free pleasant, then customizing a deck around a tree is a wonderful idea! Just fit in the deck and integrate it farther into the yard. A ‘tree surgeon’ or an arborist can assist you better in deciding the space according to the tree’s mature size.

Railing–deck combo – If railing and deck both are your favorite and sacrificing any of these isn’t convincing you, GO AHEAD! You need not to sacrifice any of these. There are many contemporary railings available with see-through spline or glass. Just think about the style and quality. But, be sensible and wise about the cost, maintenance and congruity when selecting the deck railing.

Customize Your Deck

Wraparound Decks – If you are fond of panoramic views, you deserve a panoramic deck. However, there are a few important considerations when it comes to wraparound decks. Framing to determine the decking pattern with the most unifying patterns and those that goes well with the existing lines of your house.

Corner deck – Fill in the exterior space with a corner deck to overcome the “missing” corner from your house layout. It will complement the architecture. Adding sliding glass doors onto the deck can serve as the ‘cherry on the cake.’





Tips to enhance your home’s look with Wood Beams

If you want to make stunning addition to your home, Wood beams are great way! In addition to enhancing your home’s beauty, they also give a character wherever they are used. Even, you need not to worry about the cost as there are several variants of wood beams. For instance, structural beams can be modified in decorative wood that will give an impression of solid wood. You can also go for faux wood beams that are made of composite plastics if budget is your concern.

Take a look at these tips that probably might help you in achieving what is best for you.

The Real AllureWood beams
The rustic look of wood beams sets your home apart from all other decoration styles. If budget is a problem for you, even using timber framing and beam construction can help you the beauty of solid wood. For the rest of others, buying beams of solid wood has no match.

You can get them in hemlock, oak, chestnut, and even maple, pine and birch. These can be sanded, polished, stained, or roughhewn according to your requirement. But as said, ‘beauty comes with a vanity’, so as the solid wood. These are more expensive, both in term of material and installation, but it’s worth this expense!

Faux Wood

Faux wood beam creators have risen up to offer more affordable ways across the country for those looking for that typical timber beam look. Made up of polyurethane plastics, these composite beams are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. One cannot judge the difference! In addition to their cost-effectiveness, these composite beams are much easier to install; their lightweight being the reason.

Design Ideas
In addition to the material of the wood beam, it is also important for the homeowners to wood beam consider the right design pattern. Other than installing a single beam running across the ceiling, you can also your space to get various design possibilities of decorating with wood timbers. Whether it’s a high ceiling, cathedral or small room, they just look as great as decorative strings. You can also install them across lower ceilings in regular patterns. It’ll give you a feel of medieval cottage whenever you enter in the room.

Experts Consultation
The weight and size of the wood beams can lead to improper installation, resulting in the damaging your home. For this reason, it’s best to consult an experienced professional to ensure that the look will be alluring and safe to you forever.

There can be myriads of options to choose from when it comes to designing or decorating your home. Out of the many, wooden beams can be one of the best accents. With a little design and finishing work, wood beams can bring huge variations in the dynamics of your living space.

Expert tips on restoring old building brick masonry

Do you need to maintain old building brick masonry of your home? Well, you need to know few important things in order to properly restore it. Regular maintenance is required to keep bricks in appropriate shape for long. What if brick masonry is already damaged or old building structure needs to be repaired?

Well, don’t stress as we have few simple yet beneficial tips for you to restore your building as if new. We agree that you must always take professional help for perfect masonry repairs. However, if you are confident enough to do all the work for yourself, then don’t hassle and follow the given expert advices to renew your old building structures like before.

Masonry contractors Wicker Park says, it is very important if replacement of mortar is compatible with the old mortar. This is because incompatible replacement mortar may cause more damage to old building brickwork such as deterioration, cracking or rot on mortar. Experts in brick repair Old Town further add that you may apply lime mortar on historic masonry as it allows giving whole new life to the old mortar work. Always try to use quality materials to avoid unattractiveness and prolong durability.

Surface Treatment

According to masonry contractors Hinsdale, you need to check the condition of the surface before beginning the repair work. It helps you to notice depth of the damage and how much material is required for fixing the deterioration. After that, start cleaning the surface with water, this helps in removing debris as well as dust so that new material lasts on it for years.

Specialists in brick repair Park Ridge, often uses color wash (protective layer for softer lime mortars) to guard it from minor damages. It forms a decorative layer to clear up any sort of mortar stains or smears that may have been left after the fresh mortar is applied on it.

Mortar Joints Repair

Masonry contractors Rogers Park suggests mixing a thick paste of mortar to apply on joints for smooth fixation. To repair cracked mortars, experts in brick repair Lincoln Park recommend to cover up the fresh mortar joints with cello tape or polythene so that it get fixed nicely without any distortion.

For repairing a full damaged brick, you need to take out the old brick carefully using fine chisel, say professional tuckpointing contractors in Rogers Park. If the brick is already solid then there is no need to buy new brick, you can simple clean the old one and fix it carefully in its place. For this process, your need to mix thick paste of fresh mortar and apply it within joints with great care. Be careful of spreading the mortar out of the required gap. In case it spreads, clean it properly with a wet lint free cloth or soft brush. This way you’ll be able to fix broken masonry structures without shelling out too much money.

Repair of painted brick

If your historic brick house was painted sometime in the past, then you need to pay attention to both its repair as well as repainting. This is because the painted as well as repaired section must look alike, without the need of painting it all over again. Painting contractors Wicker Park, also suggest to pay attention on repainting, as paint can affect the longevity of the brick and mortar.

In addition to that, painting contractors Wrigleyville recommend using latex or other modern paint coating so that mortar and brick can retain the right amount of moisture. When you begin painting after repairs, do strip off old paint thoroughly for better look of the walls after repainting.

These were few quick tips from Chicago restoration experts to renew your old building structure. Do follow them with great care to refurbish the historic building structure.

Tips by professionals to sustain durability of brick masonry

Here are few valuable tips from professional masonry contractors Rogers Park, experts in brick repair Hinsdale and some other restoration specialists from all over Chicago to make your residential or commercial brick buildings long-lasting for years.

Repair water damage in brick masonry

Fairbanks Ranch Brick Project

Constant contact with water can damage your bricks; moreover green moulds grow on water soaked bricks which would further lead to crack formation. A specialist in brick repair Lincoln Park advises to use a hydrophobic sealer in water-prone areas for protecting your bricks against chronic water damage. Another expert in brick repair from Park Ridge suggests removing water stains from brick walls using an acid-base cleaner. You can also spray white vinegar on the stained area, let it stay for few minutes and then scrub it with a brush to make bricks free from water stains.

Techniques to fix cracked bricks


If your bricks have cracks, holes or crumbles then it’s time to contact expert tuckpointing contractors Evanston or any professionals from any other area to fix these cracks. Otherwise, you can take help from this free tip by tuckpointing contractors Hinsdale, who says it is necessary to make sure that your fresh mortar matches your old mortar; otherwise the repaired portion may look quite odd. Specialists in brick repair Oak Park adds to the point that you should use the right mortar to match the structural of the wall so, moves at same rate as rest of the brick wall.  A professional can help from tuckpointing contractors Oak Park can also help you detect exactly which type of mortar you need for your repairs.

Proper masonry repairing

Trowel for masonry construction

If repair is not possible with regular tuckpointing techniques then you must look out for correct tools for proper masonry repair. Masonry contractors Hinsdale said that if damage is severe, in that case sometimes even a brick has to be removes. Individual brick restoration is not an easy task but masonry contractors Lakeview believes even a layman can repair his damaged brick masonry if the individual has right tools and know exact procedure and techniques. The masonry contractors Old Town suggests to be careful while removing the broken bricks and fixing the new ones. Make sure the size of new bricks match with the old bricks to maintain the symmetric pattern. After all the repairing you may hire painting contractors Wicker Park to color your brick masonry or keep it as such for a rugged look.

Benefits of seeking professional assistance for brick and masonry repair

There are some repair works that can be left for the handyman, but there are some jobs, especially brickwork, that should not be left to them. You will need high quality repair work, which is possible with help from masonry contractors in Rogers Park, masonry contractors in Hinsdale, masonry contractors in Lakeview or masonry contractors in Old Town.


Tuckpointing contractors Hinsdale, tuckpointing contractors Evanston and tuckpointing contractors Oak Park ensure high quality mortar, which matches the previously applied mortar in color is applied during repair work. They make it a point to fill the mortar cracks and repair the damaged bricks and cracking arch entryways with the best material in your budget.

If you want expert masonry repair on your most valuable investment – your home; you should seek assistance from licensed masonry contractors only. The brick repairing and tuckpointing specialists have expertise in installing the brick and mortar correctly so that the repair or new construction looks beautiful and is durable to last for decades.


Brick repair in Lincoln Park or brick repair in Park Ridge will be different from brick repair in Oak Park and brick repair in Hinsdale. This is so because the reason for deterioration of the brickwork – cracking and peeling of mortar or breaking of bricks, will be different in different places. Painting contractors in Wicker Park have found that in addition to the elements, shifting and settling soil is one of the biggest reasons for damage to the brickwork. The settling and shifting soil effects the foundation of the house and has a visible effect on the walls, leading to cracks and damage to bricks and mortar.

If detected early, you will only need a small repair, but if the deterioration goes unnoticed for a while, it can result in major repair work. While professional contractors are good to help you with small and big brick and mortar repair tasks, you will never want it get worse, so try and keep regular check on the masonry and brickwork of your abode.

masonry with ligation

Mortar on your home will age slowly with time, while bricks will take even longer. The material used for repair should age at the same rate; therefore, do not fall victim to shoddy repair practices, and insist on seeking professional assistance for brick and masonry repair.