Exterior Paint Colors- Adding value to your home!

Being one of the most popular types of home improvement, it is the rightly done exterior paint job which adds value to your home. Yes, it can give your property a totally new look. Whether you are planning to sell your house or just want it to look most beautiful, painting it the perfect way is the key.Painted Lady in Oak Park

Planning for a makeover for your home? Definitely, exterior paint is one of the major tasks to be done, isn’t it? It is the paint on your exteriors which depicts your taste and choice to the viewers. Anyone who visits your house, first come into contact with the exteriors walls, and yes, the color on them. And remember the common phrase; first impression is the last impression!

Surely, you want the impression to be the best and last forever. Thus, while you are stepping ahead with your plans of paint redo, make sure you get done it by experts. Besides, the major task is to choose the right paint color. If you thing it is an easy job, you are probably wrong. While the interior paint is about personal taste, for exterior it about durability too. So don’t rush it and take some time to make a wise decision.

You can consider some of the below listed tips for better results. Have a look:

Keep your budget a bit flexible: You already have a budget ready for the painting job. That’s really good. But, it is advisable to keep it little flexible. Certainly, you don’t want climbing up a scaffold after a year or soon, or pay someone again for painting it the right way. Thus, spending a little more money will not be a bad idea. Invest in something that resist stains and stand up to severe weather conditions.

Painted lady Oak Park

Consider the best material:  Do you have an existing brick foundation, some patio work, or accents? If yes, you need to consider the underlying tones too while choosing a paint shade. You can always try pairing opposite colors, for example, for those warm red brick foundation choose a taupe with cool gray or blue undertones. It will really look magnificent.

Technology can help: The good thing is that technology makes your work much easier. How? It is simple; you can bring in a sample of permanent materials to the paint store and ask for computer color matching. Besides, there are some online tools which can be used to find out something matching and coordinating with your requirements.

Don’t count on the paint chips: Similar to the interior colors, your exterior shades vary widely from the way they appear. Also, painting the exterior is a bigger undertaking and you want to get them right the first time, make sure you don’t rely on the chips alone. Try a quart of paint on an inconspicuous area. You can study it at various times, under different weather conditions, before you finalize things.

Remember, an effective use of color on the exterior help you add much more to its value. For professional help, Fortune Restoration is always ready to help. Contact us today!

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