Importance Of Deck Restoration

Summer is here! How is your deck looking? Your deck will weather just like any part of your home and require restoration. It is important to understand the effects weather has on your deck and the how to prevent further damage from occurring.

How Weather Damages Your Deck
Melting snow and rain are quickly absorbed by the wood in your deck, resulting in softening and swelling of the wood. In contrast, the sun’s heat will cause the wood of your deck to dry, resulting in shrinkage and loss of natural oils. These cycles, when repeated, will cause your wood to warp, crack and split. Unprotected wood is subject to algae, mold, rot, and decay. You can also experience graying and degradation from UV rays. Your rotting deck will also attract a variety of insects. Over all, this will lead to a premature life for your wood and cost you expensive repairs.

Deck Protection
To protect exposed wood, a sealer must offer oils and resins to reduce the effects of warping, cupping, curling and shrinking. Other protection can include a fungicide, mildewcide, UV protection, complete penetration and transparent pigmentation to enhance and preserve the natural color of the wood.

How Fortune Restoration Can Help You
If time has taken a toll on your deck, it is time to take action and protect your deck from the effects of sunlight and moisture. Our team at Fortune Restoration pays close attention to detail to ensure a quality result for your deck. Call us today at (847) 647-2500.

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