Is Your Paint Peeling

One of the most common issues that painters in Oak Park and other areas of Chicagoland run into is peeling paint, and there are at least three possible causes for the problem.

The Wrong Paint

The first thing possibility is paint incompatibility, especially in older, historical homes and historic landmarks that have many coats of alkyd/oil-based paints on them.
Basically, there are two kinds of house paint: oil, also called alkyd because of the alcohols and acids used in it, and latex. When applied, oil paint forms a tough, plastic film as the binder in it reacts with oxygen in the air. And this process never stops. As the paint ages it continues to oxidize, becoming increasingly brittle and unable to expand and contract with the wood under it.
Latex, in contrast, cures in two to three weeks, and then remains flexible. Ironically, it’s this flexibility that cause problems, especially on walls that face the afternoon sun, when latex is applied over alkyd paint. The latex paint and wood expand as the temperature rises, but the alkyd trapped between the wood and the latex doesn’t. Instead, the alkyd separates from the wood below, and the paint peels.
The obvious solution used by painters in Oak Park is to strip away all the old paint, going down to the bare wood or masonry if necessary.

Poor Prep Work

If the surface was dirty, wet or shiny before the new paint was applied, poor adhesion may occur. Then it’s common for the new coat to peel up, leaving the old coat behind.


This is another cause of peeling paint, especially in bathrooms. If moisture gets beneath the paint, it can cause separation, and the source of the moisture must be eliminated.
Once eliminated, the surface must then be allowed to dry thoroughly before you clean it and apply new coats of primer and paint.
You can, of course, deal with peeling paint yourself, but the very best solution is to call in the professionals from Fortune Restoration. For painters in Oak Park and other Chicago suburbs, we believe we’re your very best choice as we’ve dealt with this problem in thousands of historical and new homes and historic landmarks since we started our business in 1979.
Call us today at (847) 647-2500 for your free, no-obligation estimate and give our experts the opportunity to peel your paint problems away.

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