The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Masonry

Masonry is an investment; as durable and long-lasting as masonry is, it still requires routine cleaning and maintenance. Over time, dirt and grime will build up. Cleaning is an inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of your home. Improper cleaning, however, could negatively impact your finances. Hiring a qualified masonry contractor in Chicago to provide chemical cleaning services, could make the difference between beautifying or harming your stone.

Masonry Contractors Chicago

Professional masonry contractors will provide the proper chemical mixture compositions for cleaning masonry. The effects of chemically cleaning your stone and masonry can be dramatic but should be done with proper care. Fortune Restoration’s expert masonry team will work as gently and diligently as possible to protect your masonry. Fortune Restoration have been trusted masonry contractors in Chicago for decades. Fortune Restoration is able to provide you with a same day quote for all of your masonry needs.

Don’t Use Muriatic Acid Or Sandblasting

Often times, people believe a DIY masonry cleaning will save them money and time. A mistake that is often made by people who are not experts in masonry, is to use the same methods their masonry as their concrete or stone. Using muriatic acid or sandblasting will both etch and damage the brick and mortar. This method will irreversibly change its appearance, resulting in a DIY project that will cost more financial harm than good.

Do Tests Before Cleaning

If you do decide that a DIY masonry cleaning is for you, make sure that you test your cleaning solution on your masonry in an inconspicuous area before cleaning. Make sure you rinse the area you tested and give it time to dry before you decide you are going to clean all of your masonry using this product.

Do Wet Surfaces And Apply Low Pressure

Apply water to the masonry before you begin to apply chemicals. In order for the chemicals to soak into the brick and stains, it will need to be wet. When you are applying the chemicals start at the top and move down the wall with as little pressure as possible.

Rinse Thoroughly

It is crucial when rinsing that you wash off ALL the chemical cleaning products. The chemicals that soaked into your brick should be washed off using a high power pressure washer.

The best way to clean your masonry is by hiring a masonry contractor in Chicago. Avoid DIY chemical cleaning that will hurt you financially. Trust that the professionals at Fortune Restoration, who have been cleaning masonry for decades, will get the job done correctly the first time!

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