Paint Finishes 101

Hiring painters in Chicago? It’s good to have a little background knowledge of the different types of paint finishes before working with a professional. There is no need to be an absolute expert in paint types before hiring professional painters in Chicago – that is what you are hiring us for after all. However, the more knowledge you have of the different types of paint finishes there are, the better you will be able to effectively communicate to your professional painters exactly the vision you have in mind for your home. 

Types of Finish Coats

  • Flat Paints: Flat Paints provide a nonreflective surface quality. These paints are best suited for lower-use areas in the home or in new constructions. Flat paints help mask surfaces to make them appear smooth and uniform.
  • Oil-Base Paints: Oil-base paints have resins and thinners in them and are best used on chalky surfaces.
  • Eggshell & Satin Finish Paints: Eggshell & satin finish paints have a bit more sheen than flat paints and are ideal for places that will need a cleanable but not a shiny surface.
  • Gloss & Satin: Gloss & satin are very hardwearing and are used mainly on wooden and metal surfaces. Satin is used in a similar way as a gloss but is slightly less shiny and is becoming increasingly popular.

Talk With An Expert

Not sure which paint finish will be best for your home project? Our team of painters in Chicago at Fortune Restoration is here to help! A few things we like to tell your customers to keep in mind is to select paint that will work will with other areas of your home, roof shingles, tiles, ceilings, stonework, pathways, and driveways. Keep in mind the style of your home and whether you will want to keep to the original color scheme. Once you have considered the above, call to make an appointment with our painters in Chicago at (847) 647-2500. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide our expert opinion. We also offer free color testing so that you can be 100% sure you like a color before committing.

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