Paint Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

When you are looking to change a room in your home, painting is often the fastest and most impactful options. DIY painting is often more challenging, time-consuming, and expensive than most people usually think. There are several steps and tips that professionals follow that should not be ignored. As your team of painters in Chicago, we are sharing some of our secret tips.

Don’t Skip The Prep Work

Preparing to paint is not always the most anticipated part of the painting process, however, it is VERY important. Painters in Chicago will tell you that before you begin to paint, you need to collect all the right tools and materials. Getting halfway through a painting project and realizing you don’t have a small paint brush for small details is never fun. Nobody wants to sit in traffic to head back to the store. It’s also important to dust all the cobwebs out of corners and wipe down all of your walls.

Splurge On A Drop Cloth

When you hire our professional painters in Chicago to paint your home, you will see us standing on a drop cloth. Often, DIY painters will opt for a plastic tarp as a cheaper alternative to a drop cloth. While both materials will protect your floor from drips, the fabric will actually soak up any spills making it less likely for you to step in it and track it across your floor. Plastic will also tend to be a single-use product. In contrast, a drop cloth is much more eco-friendly and can be used for additional paint projects.

Don’t Cut Corners With Paint

There are a lot of places you can cut costs when doing a home improvement project. When you are shopping for paint, however, it’s best to splurge. It’s important to get the best quality paint that you can afford for interiors. The paint finish on the walls is the end result of your project. Low-quality paint has less pigment, which is noticeable in neutrals and bright colors. If you must save money on some part of your DIY paint project, save on white paint.

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