Masonry For Winter

Prepare Your Masonry For Winter

It is almost time to say goodbye to this beautiful fall weather in Chicago and say hello to winter. As a homeowner, winter home preparation should be on your mind. Having your chimney system cleaned and inspected should be on the top of your to-do list. Along with cleaning your chimney system, there are other important ways to prepare your masonry for winter that homeowners often forget. Here at Fortune Restoration, we are your masonry Chicago experts. We want to help you avoid damage to your masonry this winter and protect your largest investment – your home.

Water and Your Masonry

Your masonry chimney is made up of masonry, metal materials, brick, mortar, concrete, stone, flue tile, cast iron, and steel. These materials can all be damaged by water and moisture. When masonry comes in contact with water, it can cause rusting malfunction. Water freezing and defrosting on your masonry chimney can cause severe damage. When water is frozen, it will expand and cause your masonry to shit and move. The process of freezing and thawing speeds up the deterioration of your masonry chimney.

Avoid Damage To Your Masonry in Chicago

Waterproofing your chimney is crucial to preventing water damage to your masonry in Chicago. The Chimney Safety Institute of America suggests the following could cause your masonry chimney to become damaged:

  • Chimney cap that is missing, improperly installed or damaged
  • Damaged chimney crown
  • Shifted, missing, or rusted flashing

Your Masonry Chicago Experts

The best way to protect your masonry is to hire an experienced chimney restoration team. Here at Fortune Restoration, our knowledgeable team will be able to take care of everything from brick replacement to a complete chimney rebuild. Masonry units themselves, brick, stone or concrete block, may have a serviceable life of 100 years or more – if properly cared for. Learn more about our masonry Chicago services here.

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