Raise the Vibe in Your Room with Ceiling Color

Designers like to say the “fifth wall” of a room is its ceiling. Yet, ceilings are often ignored when planning interior paint projects.

Common design rules provide that color can have the greatest impact on a room’s overall appearance. Adding color to your ceiling can also affect the feeling of a room and alter its entire geometry.

Here are three top tips for creating high vibes with ceiling color:

Know When To Stay Neutral

In rooms with wallpaper accents, molding, draperies, and the like, stick with complimentary neutral colors for the ceiling to avoid a “busy” 1look. Ceiling neutrals can provide a “harmonious color flow” and support the design personality of a room.

Design Tip – Always choose colors which complement the furnishings and other elements in the room.

Make Neutral Walls POP!      

Why not make the ceiling your one accent wall in the room? This colored ceiling changes the entire dynamic of this room, which would have been incredibly bland without it.Using a different color on the ceiling is one of the simplest and best ways to quickly change up a room. Accent the unexpected!

Echo Your Wall Color

If you like stronger colored walls, why not continue that preference above too? Create a striking effect by using one color on your walls and ceiling. Frame the color with a pastel or neutral shade on window, wall and ceiling trim. The end result will be an elegant looking room that also looks more spacious. You can also switch this pattern up for an ultra-sophisticated look by painting the ceiling and room trim in a the more dominant color and the walls in a softer color.

Conversely, recent trends also show people are opting for one color on walls and ceilings in rooms without trim to produce a “cozy” effect.

Wrap Up

Want warmth and drama? Go with bold and deep shades. Prefer light and airy? Play off existing colors with just enough differentiation.

Design Tip – Using color on high ceilings will keep you from feeling detached. You’ll get that pulled together feel the moment you walk in –colored ceilings make you feel grounded.

How you choose to paint your ceiling depends largely on its architecture and your preference. Add depth and dimension to your living spaces with ceiling color. If you’re still not convinced, or weary of making a move, talk to a design professional for help.

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