Signs Your Chimney Needs To Be Repaired

Fall is here! Is your home prepared? Now is the perfect time to complete your home restoration projects before the cold winter months. Many people make the mistake of thinking their chimney will never need repairs. The assume their chimney is a worry free part of their home. However, problems do arise and a chimney in need of a repair should be tended to as soon as possible. A damaged chimney is a serious fire hazard and very dangerous for you and your family. If your chimney is showing any of these signs, it is time to contact a brick repair Chicago company:

    1. Rust: There should never be rust in your firebox or damper. When rust is visible this is a sign of excess moisture in your chimney. If there is enough moisture in your chimney to cause visible signs of rusting, there may also be serious damage such as, cracked flue tiles.
    2. Leaks: A leaky chimney is a huge red flag! We have had no shortage of rain this summer, and if you’ve noticed dripping water around your chimney, it is very likely that your chimney has become damaged.
    3. Spalling bricks: If you begin to notice flaking, peeling or crumbling bricks on your chimney, it is a sign of serious damage. There are also instances where you may notice entire bricks of your chimney popping out of place. If this occurs you may need invest in structural chimney repairs with a brick repair Chicago company.
    4. Cracked chimney crown: The purpose of your chimney crown is to protect the bricks from water penetration and damage. If your chimney crown is showing cracks or damage, water will seep into the chimney. Your chimney crown is the first defense against water damage. It is vital that your chimney crown is in top shape for the winter and spring!
    5. Deteriorating or cracked mortar joints: When the mortar deteriorates, your masonry is exposed to more moisture which will accelerate the deterioration of the chimney as a whole. When temperatures drop, the added moisture can freeze the inside cracks in the masonry. When the moisture freezes and thaws in cracks larger cracks can develop. It is important that you contact a brick repair company in Chicago immediately to preserve your chimney from further damage.
    6. Shalling: If you begin to notice flakes of chimney tile accumulating in your fireplace, you need to have your chimney liner replaced as soon as possible. An un-fixed chimney liner can cause a dangerous house fire.

Brick Repair Chicago

If your home is showing any of the above signs, you are in need of chimney repairs. Our expert team at Fortune Restoration has the knowledge to help take care of everything from brick replacement to a complete chimney rebuild. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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