Spring Cleaning Your Masonry in Chicago

Spring Cleaning Your Masonry in Chicago

All over the world, there are stone and brick buildings hundreds of years old. But while masonry is one of the most time-tested forms of construction, your masonry does need maintenance to keep it looking new. And if your Chicago home is of masonry construction, it’s time for a spring cleaning.

Keeping bricks clean is an ongoing project, and it’s not always easy. There are a few common types of grit and grime that affect masonry in Chicago. Each of them requires a different cleaning technique.

  1. Fungus and Moss

Usually, the easiest problem to deal with, unless you’ve got lots of growth. You can start by scraping off what you can, then using a bleach solution to get the rest.

  1. Oil and Soot

These substances are harder to get off and require a bit of chemistry. A solution with muriatic acid combined with a thorough brushing will take care of most oil and soot residue.

  1. Paint

While there are several methods to removing paint—power washing, acid washing, etc., the easiest thing to do is use a chemical stripper.

You likely spent more of your hard-earned money for the added character of a brick home compared to a typical stucco house. To care for that investment, and to continue to enjoy your home, you must commit to maintaining your masonry.

Curb appeal is a huge factor in a home’s value and clean masonry is beautiful masonry.

That said, cleaning your masonry can become a huge project if your home was built with all brick or stone. Not to mention dangerous if you’ve got a chimney to clean. Using sand blasters or paint removers can also cause more mess than there was to begin with, if done improperly.

Your time and safety are valuable, so it’s best to use a masonry contractor.

If you have masonry in Chicago and it needs a spring cleaning you’d be well served to talk to the professionals at Fortune Restoration Painting and Masonry.

We provide all kinds of masonry services for the Chicago area, not least of which is chemical cleaning for all your stonework, chimneys included. To learn more about our cleaning services visit us on the web. You can also schedule an appointment by calling (847) 647-2500!

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