Spring Home Restoration Checklist

There is nothing like spring in Chicago. With the weather finally starting to reach spring temperatures, it is time to prepare the exterior of your home so you can enjoy it. There is often times more work to preparing your home for spring than bringing out the patio furniture or planting flowers. Maybe your house had a rough winter or maybe you have not done a home restoration in years, whatever it may be Fortune Restoration is here to help. Spring is the perfect time to complete your exterior restoration projects before temperatures get too warm and more importantly, more time to enjoy the warm Chicago summer months. Learn how Fortune Restoration can help you prepare for Spring/Summer 2016.

    • Windows: Washing your windows is an instant boost to the curb appeal of your home. While washing your windows this spring if you notice cracked glass, contact us immediately. Fortune Restoration can replace your windows and make sure they are installed and sealed properly.
    • Paint: Is your paint peeling, cracking, or fading? It is recommended that you repaint the outside of your home every 5-7 years. Painting the exterior of your home is difficult and best left to the professionals.
    • Deck Restoration: Painted decks weather just like any part of your home, periodically they need to be restored or repainted. Carefully scraping and sanding off the old paint is required to accomplish an even surface. We pay close attention to details to go above and beyond your expectations.
    • Power Washing:  Pressure washing is the best way to remove dirt and grime from your brickwork, siding, and deck. Our professional contractors are experts in many power washing techniques that will restore surfaces without damage.
    • Shutters: Are your shutters damaged due to wear and tear? Shutters present a unique challenge when replacing or repairing and should be left to the experts. Here at Fortune Restoration, we will ensure that your new shutter matches your shutters currently in place, are installed properly, and won’t blow away with the wind.
    • Chemical Cleaning: Dirt and grime will build up on stone and masonry over time. The effects of chemical cleaning your masonry can be very dramatic. Hiring a qualified contractor to chemically clean your stone is necessary.
    • Wood Stripping: Is your woodwork or wood furniture due for an upgrade? Wood stripping project’s unique requirements and we have the expertise to provide you the assistance you need to make your wood furniture and home look brand new.  

Call Fortune Restoration today for an estimate for your spring restoration project (847) 647-2500.

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