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Choosing the right colours for your wall is now simpler than ever

Colours plays an important role in our lives. And same goes for your home too. A prefect colour not only adds beauty to your home, but to the atmosphere of your house too. If the experts are to be believed, colours are said to affect your mood, relaxation and ambience. So, if you are planning to paint your walls sooner, it is highly important to choose the perfect one. Find out how you can do it!

When it comes to home decoration, there is a lot you need to consider. From the furniture in the room to the layout, there are different Right Color for wallaspects which need your attention. Among all the various features, wall textures and colours are really important. In fact, saying that perfect wall paint can change the entire look of your room will not be wrong.

Here another fact to be known is that choosing the right colour is not an easy task. Those who are in the same dilemma can use the below mentioned guideline to find out the ideal one. Have a look:

Begin with smaller concept: Especially, for those who are doing it for first time and are not sure where to begin with, can experiment it in a smaller part of your home like bathroom or any small hall. Also, if you are doing it yourself, try it an area that’s quick to do. This will let you see your results sooner. If it seems working, you can step ahead, else try the other one. Although you can go for any colour of your choice, still try to keep it close to some artwork or furniture piece in the room.

Testing the colour choice:

Color Testing It is essential for both; the newbie’s and experienced ones too. Doing so will really boost your confidence. You can test then large areas of a wall or poster board. You can always step ahead of your choice circle and consider vivid colors or those soft, deep neutrals. Now you don’t need to constrain your options to whites and off-whites. You are fee to go with chocolate brown, olive green, cherry or any other colour of your choice.

Decorative finishes:

Decorative wall paintingIf you feel that your room walls appear flat and dull, you can consider adding decorative finished converting them into interesting and personal spaces. It can be done with help of subtle or dramatic visual texture. Even the broken colours, burnished mineral or those metal finishes can work well. Reflective metals such as bronze, mica, copper, silver, and gold can be employed.

Get known to colour terms:

Understanding the terminology used to describe a colour will help you make a great choice. Here are few of them you must learn:

  • Hue: Basically, it is another name for colours. Like red is hue. It is usually measured by how light or dark it is.
  • Saturation: It is referred to how dominant the hue is. For example, when you go from red to pink, the red hue is going less dominant.
  • Intensity: The brilliance of the colour is known as intensity. A strong intense colour has a more dominant hue.

Thus, now you have few ideas and information which can be used to create a right color scheme for your wall. Get set to make an inviting, colourful and comfortable appearance for your family and friends!


Historic Italian Victorian in Wilmette

AfterKate Thomas has a passion for older homes. She and her family lived in a home built in 1918 prior to moving into their historic Italian Victorian built in 1874 on Park Avenue in Wilmette, Illinois.

“The house was built by Mr. Klem and Mr. McDaniel,” prescribes Kate, “they were founding fathers of Wilmette, who were also good friends. Two of their children married, and they built the house for the kids as a wedding present. It was a big deal at the time; you can still find it in the Trib’s social register [archives]. The county records for the ownership of the house show it was held in the family for a good 100 years. Since then, numerous owners had it for two or three years until we moved in.”

Best Laid Plans

Thomas and her husband had budgeted for upkeep and updates but were challengimage5ed with far more than they had bargained for. A ceiling collapse, plumbing held together with duct tape and socks, stairs kept in place with carpet padding stuffed between the boards and a host of other camouflaged defects kept them busy for the next decade.

After 11 long years of “triage”, Kate was finally ready to paint. “When we bought the house, it was gray with white trim, but it wasn’t until we decided to paint that I really started looking at the trim and realized how much there was of it.”

For help in keeping to the period, Thomas purchased an out of print book on 19th Century Victorian homes online. “There were suggestions for colors that would have been used, so we were able to combine an accurate paint scheme that way.”

image4Color Coordinates

Finding the right combination of trim colors was essential, and further tested by an enclosed porch which had been added in the 1920’s. “So, I had 1874 windows and 1920 windows. The challenge was to keep integrity with two different periods and still have it look good.” She says this is one of the reasons why they chose to work with Fortune because they “understand architectural styles and how to get through 150 years of paint.”

Thomas thinks people don’t truly understand the amount of scraping, prepping and design knowledge that goes into a project like this. “That’s the stuff you don’t see on the surface, and we wouldn’t have had the same result without them.”

image2 (2)The Fortune team painted test swatches on all four sides of the house so Kate could see how the colors would look in various types of light and different vantage points. “We went through $64 of paint samples – that might have been some of the best money spent on the whole project.” (Kate also spent time walking the aisles of Loomcraft looking for fabrics with the same colors in them and used material samples to help narrow down the choices.) “We tested it together; Alejandro [from Fortune] would paint a patch of trim, and we’d talk it over. You really have to listen to the consultants who know more than you do about these things. You can’t wing it.”

Not wanting to be “someone’s learning curve”, Thomas confides she had watched a local Fortune project in the works while driving her daughter to camp each day before making initial contact with them. She thinks finding a reliable company to paint newer or less complicated homes should be fairly easy, but advocates, “It takes someone with serious experience to pull off a project of this nature. The staff was a pleasure to work with and we could not have been happier.”

Paying It Forward

When the Thomas family is ready for their next move, they want to pass the house on in better shape than they found it. “It’s one of the oldest houses in Wilmette, and it’s important to take the time, do the research and preserve it. Part of this is about neighbors, it means a lot to the history of the neighborhood.”

Equally important to Kate is that the next buyers will treasure the home and continue to save it from tear down. “Older homes don’t have that Brady Bunch layout, but just because a home is older doesn’t mean it’s disposable!”

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How To Choose Your Best Exterior Paint

Spring has officially sprung in Chicago! Now is the time to start thinking about when and how you want to repaint your home, garage and back yard structures.

Exterior PaintFirst Thoughts

When it comes to painting exterior buildings, the quality of your paint is absolutely crucial to your success. One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make is skimping on paint costs –don’t do it! Exterior success depends upon paint quality to stand up to exposure and time.Quality, durability, and color should be your top priorities. Select quality paint, to weather all that Mother Nature has in store for years to come, and the right color, to match your personal style.

Best Paint to Buy

According to Benjamin Moore, recent breakthroughs in paint technology now provide a wealth of new exterior paints and stains that are eco-friendly, low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and withstand the tests of time.

26-2Use the following checklist when searching for the best exterior house paint to use:

  • Mold & Mildew Resistance
  • Environmentally Friendliness
  • Resistant to Fading &Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Easy Application & Clean Up

Perfect Paint Colors

A “new coat of paint” can be absolutely transforming! That’s exactly why choosing the right color can be so tough. Consider first, what colors please you the most? Of those, which would work best in an exterior environment? What color would you like to come home to every day?

Other things to consider when choosing the perfect paint color:

What goes well with the fixed elements on and around your home?

Think about the things at your house that won’t be painted, like your chimney, roof, facade, steps, driveway and sidewalks. Choosing a similar color that compliments existing stone work will promote visual continuity. Alternatively, if one of your fixed elements is strong in color, a neutral shade of paint may be the best option.

What type of landscaping do you have?

Consider choosing an exterior color that goes well with the trees, shrubbery and flowers surrounding your house. Look for house colors that what would compliment them the most.

Does your neighborhood have a color scheme?

The last thing you want to be is monochromatic to every house on the block or, stick out like a sore thumb. Shoot for creating an individual touch that fits well within your neighborhood’s scheme.

Top Takeaways

  • Choose exterior paint based on the quality, not price. Look for paints that can withstand a host of weather and other exterior elements.
  • Choose your colors based on personal preference, fixed elements of your home, landscaping and surrounding environment.

If you choose to work with a professional painter (highly recommended for exterior projects), examine their service records and review prior project samples before getting estimates.