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Paint Job Preparation

Fortune Restoration has really perfected the art of preparation prior to any paint job. Preparation of all surfaces to be painted is vital for any paint job for various reason. Not only does proper prep work remove old, flaking paint and finishes, it also helps remove dirt and grime to allow for better adhesion of the finish coat. Allowing the paint job to last longer and look picture perfect.

Paint Job Preparation Kenilworth, Evanston, Rogers Park, Irving Park

Before any preparation work starts, Fortune Restoration makes sure that all areas to be worked on are covered and protected. Any shrubs, bushes, or flower beds are carefully covered or blocked off to limit the amount of disruption in that area. All surfaces need to be cleared and cleaned before any major surface preparation can begin. Fortune Restoration’s team of painters move any furniture or flower pots so that when the ready, they have full access to all areas to knock the paint job out of the park.

Paint Job PreparationLincoln Park to Hyde Park, Oak Park, Hinsdale

Then they start removing loose paint and sanding all surfaces, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces so no dust and debris is left behind. Fortune Restoration also ensures all surfaces are even by filling any cracks with the appropriate medium. Once that’s done, they carefully prime the areas to be painted. Properly preparing a surface for paint and using the best quality paints and materials not only ensure a better end result, but also can help extend the longevity of your paint job. If you are looking for an experienced paint contractor to service your area, Fortune Restoration can provide references from Kenilworth, Evanston, Rogers Park, Irving Park, Lincoln Park to Hyde Park, Oak Park, and Hinsdale.