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In the age of information, eager homeowners find an abundance of advice on DIY projects on the internet. But writing some instructions up on the internet and taking on a serious home improvement project are two very different things. Wallpapering is one project you should leave to the professionals.


Your home is your sanctuary and the place you spend time with your family. Having an eyesore on your wall can take away from your overall enjoyment of your home. Trying to make everything a DIY project results in below average results that are more stress than they are worth.


Wallpapering is more complicated than it seems. Unwitting homeowners will quickly find themselves in over their heads, despite good intentions. Professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently and leave you with a product that you are proud to have in your home.


Here are five reasons for hiring painting contractors in Chicago rather than installing wallpaper yourself.



In order to avoid bumpy wallpaper, the surface must be properly prepared before hanging wallpaper. The surface must be lightly sanded and then scrubbed with a wet sponge. Even just hanging the paper in too cold a temperature can cause an uneven finish. Painting contractors in Chicago know exactly how to prepare your wall so the finish is smooth and even.


Material Purchasing

Amateur wallpaper hangers have no experience when it comes to how much material is necessary. Wallpapering requires 25 percent more wallpaper than the length of the walls. Making a mistake with your supply means you may not have enough to finish the room and will have to order more.


Mapping it Out

Wallpapering takes careful planning before beginning. If you don’t properly plan out where your seams will be, you may end up with a pattern that does not match.


Textured Walls

A textured wall creates an additional problem for people who want to do it themselves. The texture must either be taken off or filled in before wallpapering can begin. If this is done poorly, the wallpaper will have bubbles and uneven marks that ruin the appearance.


Save Yourself the Hassle

The number one reason not to wallpaper yourself is that it’s not worth the hassle. A painting contractor in Chicago can do the job quickly and efficiently without you wasting time and energy on it. Odds are DIY will not give you the beautiful look you want. With the experts at Fortune Restoration, you can be sure the wallpapering job will be up to your standards and a great addition to your home. Call us today at 847-647-2500.