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Historic landmarks are a source of pride and joy for the community that surrounds them. They bring tourists and enrich the culture of the area, but when these historic landmarks are neglected, big problems can arise. Brick on the outside of a home is constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, this exposure causes a breakdown of the brick. The cold winters and hot summers make brick repair common in Chicago. Deteriorating brick can ruin the look of a beautiful home, but the problem goes beyond aesthetics. Cracked and broken bricks allow moisture to infiltrate the walls of a home. Compromised brick make collapse a major risk. Fortune Restoration created this guide to detail the benefits of brick repair.

Historic Brick Repair in Chicago

The masonry of historic landmarks may seem insignificant, but buildings that have been around for so long face a special risk. Broken, damaged, and missing bricks need to be repaired immediately to avoid serious structural damage. A historic landmark can turn from a point of pride for the neighborhood to a black eye if not properly maintained.

Nearby homes and businesses see upticks in value with well-kept landmarks. By repairing your landmark at the first signs of brick damage, you avoid costly expenses later.

Why Repair A Historic Landmark

Landmarks have been around many years and typically have a certain look. Many fear that trying to repair a historic landmark is tampering with this look, but on the contrary, professional brick repair means the original will be restored to its former glory. A professional must be hired to get the job done right. Choosing the right type of brick may seem straightforward, but even standard red bricks have different sizes and colors.

The professionals will carefully select new brick to match the surrounding brick and provide a restoration that is almost undetectable.

Examples of Repaired Landmarks

One example of a historic landmark brick repair in Chicago is the Noble Seymour Crippen House, also known as the Oldest House in Chicago. The house has been standing proud since 1833. For more information about the Noble Seymour Crippen House, read our post about the Oldest House in Chicago.

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