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At Fortune Restoration we know that color testing and choosing just the right paint colors for your home can be extremely challenging. On the outside, you want colors that blend well with other parts of your house as well as with the surrounding neighborhood. Inside, you want colors matching the mood you want to create.


Fortune Restoration’s basic philosophy has never changed: “Make every customer happy, no exceptions.” With that goal always in mind, we offer the following tips in color testing and making the right color choices for your home.


Exterior Choices

  • Drive around surrounding neighborhoods and take note of various color schemes and how they might adapt to your home.
  • Consider the age of your house, remembering that the basic rule of thumb is to stick with your home’s era. If you live in a historical home, like one of Chicagoland’s Victorian gems, slightly quirky contrasting colors may well work. For a more contemporary home, you need a different approach. Our professionals will work with you color testing and determining the most appropriate choices.
  • Consider your neighborhood, especially if you have a HOA. Check your HOA standards and bylaws before choosing an exterior color.
  • Don’t overlook your landscape. Landscape involves not just your lawn and shrubs but your roof, walkways, stonework and other exterior elements. Test and choose a color or colors that blend well with these as they are the least likely to change.
  • Keep trim colors in mind. Trim adds architectural interest to your home and causes certain features to stand out. You can have more than one trim color, but you probably don’t want more than 3 or 4 colors at most.


Interior Choices

  • Determine the mood you want to create in a room. Warmer tones are friendly and inviting, while cooler tones create calm and relaxing spaces.
  • Think about flow and how the colors of other rooms will work together. Moving from dark to very light or from rooms with highly contrasting colors can be jarring.
  • Remember that trim of one color provides continuity as you move from room to room.

Whatever your home, a contemporary or a historical masterpiece, our professionals will offer multiple color samples and help you choose those that are just right for you.


So, email or call us at (847) 647-2500 today for your free, no-obligation estimate and let Fortune Restoration work with you in color testing and transforming your home.