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Painting the interior of your home can be a stressful task. The quality of the paint job will be noticed and judged by all guests of your home. Not to mention that you’ll have to look at it every single day. Decorative painting techniques are a great way to ensure your home looks beautiful with a personal touch. If opting to do it yourself, always practice extensively on a sample board until you feel competent. When house painting in Wilmette, consider adding these techniques.


Marbling means coloring or marking that resembles variegated marble. Marbling requires a variety of tools and materials. The results can vary extensively depending on the marble you are trying to imitate. Professionals usually have a piece of marble they like before beginning. Some of the steps include: preparing the surface, applying a base coat, putting on a wet glaze, and using an artist brush.


Dragging techniques create a very attractive look. The topcoat will be mostly featured with the base coat peeking through. Dragging techniques work best on smooth surfaces, so doors are ideal. You’ll need base coat paint, top coat paint, glaze, and a dragging brush. The general technique involves applying two layers of base coat and then using a dragging brush to apply a diluted mix of the top coat (one-part paint to one-part glaze). The brush strokes will be long and vertical.

Wood Graining

Wood graining is a dragging technique with a new step added. Many want the look of fine wood in their home but can’t afford it. Wood graining can make an ordinary door appear more rustic on a budget. Wood graining requires a paint tray, latex paint, wood shavings, masking tape, a wood graining tool, and artist brushes. First, the door must be base coated with wood colored undertones. The technique involves painting in long brush strokes across the surface and then dragging a wood graining tool across while rocking it to create knots and grain the wood. A dry brush can be used in areas the wood graining tool won’t fit.

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