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Like most professionals, painters have their own vocabulary which contains words the average person may not understand. People looking to have their home, church, or a historical landmark painted may want to decode the language of the professionals to be sure their needs are being met. The painters of Oak Park have compiled this glossary of painting terms to bring you up to speed:


Abrasion resistance: a measure of how resistant to being worn away by rubbing and friction a certain paint is.

Adhesion: the ability of a coating to stick to a surface.

Anti-corrosive paint: a type of paint formulated with a corrosive-resistant pigment used to protect iron and steel surfaces.

Bleeding: bottom coat of paint staining through the top coat.

Clear coating: a transparent protective layer of paint

Coating: a thin layer or covering.

Color testing: process of applying colors to determine which is the best match.

Durability: ability of paint to hold up against corrosive elements.

Exterior: the outer surface or structure of something.

Interior: the inner or indoor part of something.

Masking: temporarily covering areas of a surface to avoid paint spilling over onto unwanted areas.

Resin: the main ingredient in paint which binds and allows the coat to last and maintain color.

Sealer: a material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface.

Spot priming: a way to give certain places extra protection. Any areas that showed rusting or peeling in the former coat are primed.

Texture paint: a paint type of heavy consistency and coarse grain consisting usually of gypsum and sand with a water-thinned binder and used for creating a rough patterned effect on a wall.

Touch up: a quick restoration or improvement made to the paint.

Painted Lady: Victorian and Edwardian homes painted in 3 or more bright color schemes, with contrasting colors working to highlight architectural details

Primer: a substance used as a preparatory coat on previously unpainted wood, metal, or canvas, especially to prevent the absorption of subsequent layers of paint or the development of rust.

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