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Damaged bricks in buildings around the Chicago area can appear in many ways. Whether your bricks look cracked or discolored, they should not be overlooked. These damages may only seem like an aesthetic issue, but the issue can be much deeper than what you see on the surface.


Dangers of Damaged Structural Brick Damage

A structural brick building is a building completely composed of brick for the foundation of the walls. Depending on the size of the damage to the brick, the entire building’s structural stability may be compromised by the damaged bricks. In extreme cases, the damaged bricks could cause collapse. If your bricks are deteriorating, it could be because of the following:

  • Deteriorating brick can be an effect of excessive moisture entering the bricks and then freezing in the cold. Especially in Chicago, we are no strangers to the cold come winter time. If too much moisture is in the bricks and it is unable to breathe, this will cause the brick to shift, crack, and spall.
  • Foundation settling can also easily cause bricks to crack. This is when the upper foundation is putting downward pressure on bricks.

For brick repair in Chicago, our staff at Fortune Restoration is well-trained to give you a strong foundation and secure structure.


Dangers of White, Powdery Substance on Brick Exterior

If you see symptoms of a white and powdery substance on your bricks, there is no need for instant panic. The substance you are seeing is called efflorescence, and it is a natural salt that dissolves in water. Here is why it is still a concern:

  • Although the substance itself is not harmful, it can be a symptom of harmful activity going on behind the brick’s exterior.
  • It has been brought to the surface of the brick because too much water is getting into your walls.
  • If gone untreated, symptoms of deterioration can begin to occur. However, if you notice the efflorescence in a timely manner, our masonry experts can help solve this problem and prevent further issues.


If you have any wavering concerns about the appearance or structure of your bricks, call Fortune Restoration services for expert advice at 847-807-1293. We service homes and other historical buildings near Chicago in need of brick repair to keep your location safe from these hidden dangers.