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Sometimes, it’s a room in the house we’d rather ignore. We think of the bathroom as a functional room. It’s not one we intend to spend much time in. As such, when it’s time to paint rooms, it’s easy for the bathroom to fall by the wayside. However, the bathroom receives a lot of traffic, and doing a good job painting your bathroom can really enhance the feel of your home.


The bathroom is a small room that gets a lot of usage. Obviously, you have specific needs when painting this room. On behalf of painting contractors in Evanston, Fortune Restoration created this guide on how to paint your bathroom:


Clean the Walls

While other walls in the house may not require as much maintenance before painting, your bathroom walls do. Soap scum attached to the wall prevents paint from sticking to the walls properly. Find a good cleaning product and scrub the walls before painting.


Remove the Toilet Tank

Toilet tanks are too close to the wall to simply tape off and paint around. It’s only necessary to remove the top part of the tank. Then tape off the bottom and you will be left with a more professional-looking paint job.

While you are removing the toilet tank you’ll want to completely clear the room. Anything on the countertop or other accessories should be taken out. Take off electrical outlet covers and cabinet doors. Place plastic bags over any door handles.


Paint Selection

Dark colors leave small spaces feeling even smaller than they are. Light colors are usually the best choice for a bathroom. Light blue or light yellow are great choices if you don’t like white. No rule is set in stone but think carefully before selecting a darker paint. When selecting a paint, make sure it can stand up to the rigors of the bathroom. The paint is likely to be exposed to water, so you’ll want a paint resistant to mold and mildew.


Choose a paint finish that also stands up against water. A semi-gloss stands up well to high-humidity areas like the bathroom.


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