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Working as masonry contractors in Evanston, we’ve known for years that using either brick or stone on the outside of your home can give it elegance and a timeless appeal. But in recent years with increasing frequency, we’re using masonry materials in the interior of homes, offering both stunning visual appeal and economic benefits. Here are just a few ways you can use masonry materials to either build or remodel inside your home.


Accent Walls

An accent wall can transform the whole look and feel of a room by adding a natural and timeless aesthetic. Accent walls create a focal point or appealing backdrop for other design elements you are showcasing, such as works of art. And accent walls can withstand bumps and scrapes in heavily trafficked areas of your home.



Brick or stone flooring can create a striking addition to any kitchen, bathroom or entrance. It can give your home a rustic look, and you have the option of using various colors and shapes to create unique geometric patterns. It also stays cool, a major benefit during the summer.


Fireplaces, Mantels and Chimneys

Working as masonry contractors in Evanston, we’ve often used Interior masonry in the design and construction of fireplaces, mantels and chimneys in both new and historical homes. The use of masonry makes any of these a stand-out feature of any room. And beyond their aesthetic appeal, brick and stone are fire resistant and provide superior insulation.

Finished Basements

However you plan to use your basement, a brick or stone finish will provide a unique look. Masonry veneers also help with sound insulation and basement temperature extremes. Finally, masonry veneers don’t rot, and they’re resistant to insects and other pests that often invade basements.


Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplashes

Using masonry veneers for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes offers numerous advantages over tile. Tile can chip, and the grout can show stains. In contrast, a masonry veneer backsplash requires little maintenance and can be easily washed with soap and water. The high fire resistance of masonry veneers is also important when used near open flames in the kitchen.


At Fortune Restoration we can offer you a wide choice of masonry veneers, each with its own distinct features, aesthetics and benefits. Call us today at 847-647-2500, and let one of our design experts show you how masonry veneers can bring new appeal and added value to your home.