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Savvy homeowners know that the siding they choose for their home can create a beautiful aesthetic and raise the home’s value. It may not seem like a big decision at first, but sidings last for many years. It’s wise to research the options before jumping in.


Obviously, there is no one solution for everyone’s home siding needs. Your choice will depend on your budget and taste, among other factors. As a masonry contractor in Chicago, Fortune Restoration put together this guide to compare vinyl siding to masonry.


The Pros of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the dominant choice by homeowners in the United States. Homeowners like the cheap prices that come with vinyl siding and the low amount of maintenance required (vinyl can be cleaned with soap and water). Vinyl siding is also relatively easy to install and many homeowners save money by installing it themselves. Vinyl siding is easily customizable. There are many different options for both design and color. Vinyl typically lasts between 20 and 30 years.


Cons of Vinyl Siding

The plastic appearance of vinyl is not likely to blow anyone off their feet. Many historical landmarks are world renowned because of their beautiful masonry. Vinyl siding is more of a cookie cutter siding that is unlikely to raise the value of your home. Homeowners seeking to make their vinyl siding a little sleeker will choose extra long siding to avoid seams. Unfortunately, extra long siding tends to be a bit more expensive.


Pros of Masonry

Masonry is usually the choice of someone looking for a greater stylistic effect. Brick siding can last for over 100 years and all masonry is likely to last the lifetime of the building. Masonry has been demonstrated to increase the value of homes.


Masonry Cons

While masonry will last a long time, it is also more expensive initially. The cost of the material in and the skilled labor necessary for installation drives the price up. Producing masonry is more energy intensive than vinyl sidings but some of that is offset by how long it lasts.


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