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Whether it’s right when you buy it or five years later, eventually every condo owner must give their home a new paint job. Done properly, a new paint job will breathe life and value into your home for years to come. Done improperly, the paint will be an eyesore that drives the value of your home down.


Many people dread repainting and all the effort that comes with it. They also fear that they won’t be able to do the job correctly. Fortune Restoration wants your house painting in Chicago to go off without a hitch. We compiled this guide with what everything you need to know before painting so that your condo paint job is professional quality.


The Rules

With condos, you are generally free to do whatever you like inside the home but any outside changes must be approved by the condo board. Before starting any paint jobs, make sure you find out the specific rules in your complex. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money painting, only to have to paint back over it.


Thorough Prep

As with most things in life, thorough preparation beforehand saves a lot of headaches. In order for your condo to be ready to paint, all wall surfaces must be free from holes, bumps, or anything else that could affect the look of the final paint job. House painting in Chicago requires a careful analysis of and remedy for any defects on the wall.


Prime Your Walls

Priming the walls is an essential part of any paint job that many amateurs ignore. Primer and paint are different and can not be substituted for each other. Priming the wall takes as much work as painting it but is worth the effort. Primer seals the surface properly and allows the paint to stick to the wall.


Time to Paint

A primer typically takes one to three hours to dry after being applied. Once the primer has dried, it’s time to jump in.


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