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Finding the right painting company for your Wilmette home or business is important for proper upkeep of your house and/or office. From interior to exterior painting, along with other painting services, Fortune Restoration is the place to go when you are looking for painters in Wilmette. We have over 25 years of experience with various restoration projects, and can provide both commercial and residential painting services.

Interior Painting


When the interior of your home needs painting, Fortune Restoration is here for you. With a new paint color, any room can be transformed into something great; our experts can discuss what you want and the results you are looking for in your home or business. Along with interior painting, we offer color testing, meaning that our experts can help determine the best color for each room of your home. Whether you need one room painted or you are interested in painting multiple rooms, our painters in Wilmette are here for you.

Exterior Painting


Here at Fortune Restoration, we specialize in exterior painting. We understand that there are all types of homes and office buildings, and they all face upkeep now and again. Maintaining the exterior look of your home or place of business is important, particularly for a business. However, not many people have the time available or the experience to properly paint the exterior of any building. Fortunately, with Fortune Restoration and our team of painters in Wilmette, you can be confident in the exterior paint service you will receive!

Additional Services


Aside from interior and exterior painting, Fortune Restoration offers a variety of painting services. We offer paint removal, color testing, faux painting, wallpaper and wall covering installation, and more. Our experts make sure that before any paint job has begun, we provide full paint preparation, from removing old paint to cleaning any dirt or grime. All of these are offered for your Wilmette home or business.

Painters Wilmette


For your Wilmette home or business, you want the best painters available. At Fortune Restoration, we have spent over 25 years perfecting the art of exterior and interior painting, as well as additional services such as paint removal and color testing. We strive to provide excellent service that is completed within the timeline given at an affordable price. With both commercial and residential painting available, contact Fortune Restoration to begin your home restoration project!