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The historical landmarks of Chicago serve as a wonderful reminder of our country’s past. A trip to a historic landmark provide community members with knowledge of where they come from. Historic landmarks can be used as an educational tool with children. A decaying landmark can ruin this experience. The deterioration of paint ruins the aesthetic and inhibits the message of a once beautiful landmark. The painting contractors of Oak Park want to educate you on how historical landmark painting can restore a landmark to its former glory.

Why Paint a Historic Landmark

Historic landmarks bring culture to the towns that they are in. These landmarks represent important locations and times in American history. Many travel publications advertise National Historic Landmarks which can bring an uptick in tourism. There are also institutions like the National Park Service which feature national historic landmarks for educational purposes. These great buildings deserve to be preserved and protected. A landmark with chipping paint loses its splendor and doesn’t give a true picture of the past.


Well-kept historic landmarks have economic benefits to the surrounding community. Tourism from the historic landmarks raises revenue for businesses, which encourages more economic development. Property owners near a historic landmark are also more likely to take better care of their property, leading to higher home values.


Historic landmarks exposed to deteriorating paint increase the chance that these benefits will deteriorate along with the landmark. A property becoming an eyesore will decrease tourism and decrease home values. The investment to restore your historic landmark by repainting improves its value and the value of the surrounding community.

Examples of Repainted Landmarks

The birth home of Walt Disney is one historic landmark that was repainted. The house, originally built in the 1890’s, needed complete paint removal. Today the building has been returned to its original beauty. It will even serve as a Center for Early Childhood Creativity and Innovation, including a museum recreating Walt Disney’s childhood. For more information on this project, check out another post we wrote about the Walt Disney landmark.

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