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Waterproofing & Sealing

Masonry, especially various types of stone and block, are beautiful building materials, but are very porous often times leading to water absorption and intrusion. To prevent water infiltration from occurring through your building’s masonry, sealing can be a great solution as long as it is done properly. An important factor to keep in mind, is that masonry needs to be able to “breathe”. If it is sealed incorrectly and the masonry is suffocated, it can lead to destructive damage and water intrusion.

Waterproofing and Sealing Your Masonry

How to Properly Waterproof and Seal Your Masonry.

When sealing your masonry, it is crucial to use a product that is permeable. This allows the water proofing sealer to act as a trap door; allowing breathability and moisture to escape, but also preventing moisture from entering in. Sealing can be done as a clear sprayable coating or a heavy colored coat, resembling paint.
Absolutely! Here’s some content you can adapt for Fortune Restoration, focusing on both the benefits of sealing stone facades and the dangers of moisture infiltration:

Protect Your Property: Seal Your Stone Facades.

Stone facades, like limestone and block, enhance the beauty and value of your Lincolnwood home or building. However, these porous materials are vulnerable to moisture damage. Sealing your stonework offers essential protection while allowing the substrate to breathe.

Benefits of Sealing Stone Facades

  • Prevents Water Damage: Sealing creates a barrier that repels water, preventing issues like mold, mildew, efflorescence (white salt deposits), and freeze-thaw damage.
  • Reduces Staining: Sealed surfaces are less likely to absorb spills and stains, keeping your facade looking pristine.
  • Enhances Appearance: High-quality sealants can bring out the natural beauty of your stonework, adding vibrancy and depth to its color.
  • Extends the Lifespan: Sealing increases the durability of your stone, protecting your investment for years to come.

Dangers of Moisture Infiltration

  • Structural Damage: Water penetration can compromise the integrity of your home, leading to cracking, spalling, and even failure of the stone itself.
  • Interior Damage: Moisture can migrate indoors, causing mold, rot, and costly repairs to interior walls and finishes.
  • Health Hazards: Mold and mildew growth caused by moisture can create an unhealthy living or working environment.
  • Reduced Property Value: Unsealed stone facades that show signs of moisture damage can significantly reduce your property’s value.

Trust the Experts: Fortune Restoration

Fortune Restoration specializes in protecting Lincolnwood’s homes and buildings with expert stone facade sealing. Our team uses advanced sealants designed specifically for limestone, block, and other masonry materials.  We’ll ensure your stone stays beautiful and protected for the long run.

Don’t let moisture damage your property.

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Common Areas to be sealed.

Stone Facades, Decorative Limestone Shelves & Bands and Limestone Copings.
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Split Face Block/CMU.
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Why Hire Fortune Restoration to seal your building or property?

Fortune Restoration’s team of experts have over 4 decades of experience when it comes to water proofing. We understand the importance that masonry needs to breathe, only using products designed to be permeable such as Coronado’s, “Texcrete” waterproofer. Partnering our knowledge in the masonry industry with our cutting-edge product selection, makes us the safe and smart choice for your repairs.