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Brick is one of the oldest building materials known to man. As long ago as 8000 B.C. the residents of Jericho had learned to make simple mud bricks by leaving clay to bake in the sun. From those ancient beginnings, the use of brick as a building material has spread around the globe, something that’s easy to understand when you consider its many advantages

The Pros

  • Durability – Proof of the durability of brick can be seen in the countless historical homes, churches and other buildings you see every day in the Chicagoland area. Many of these historical landmarks have been standing for generations, and with a slight amount of proper maintenance will be standing for generations to come.
  • Maintenance – Properly constructed, brick structures are easy to maintain. For the first 25 years or so, they only need an occasional washing.
  • Fire Resistance – Bricks are essentially highly compressed earthen materials, and their density leaves little room for combustion to ignite and spread. In other words, brick structures are far less combustible than those made from other building materials such as blocks and wood.
  • Eco-friendly – Brick is made from some of the most abundant materials on earth – clay and shale – and unused or damaged brick can be repurposed in numerous ways. For example, it can be chipped into small pieces to be used as permanent landscape mulch.
  • Home Value – Though the initial construction costs may be somewhat higher, building with brick can increase your home’s value by up to six percent.

The Cons

It obvious that at Fortune Restoration we like brick, but like anything made by man it’s not perfect.

  • Expense – Though durable, brick is more expensive than many other building materials, and a brick home may cost 6 to 7 percent more than one with vinyl siding.
  • Deterioration – Porous brick can be vulnerable to mold in damp conditions, and It can also be damaged by plant growth, such as ivy. Finally, over time, due to constant exposure to the elements, brick can deteriorate and break down.

But that’s where Fortune Restoration is your best friend.Our technicians are the very best in providing brick repair in Wilmette. If you’re in need of any brick repair or restoration, either for a relatively new building or an historical landmark, call us today at 847-647-2500 for your free, no-obligation estimate on your brick repair needs.