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Custom Millwork Chicago

Many of the older homes throughout the Chicagoland area require some sort of custom millwork project at one point in its life. Whether the exterior façade has features that require custom pieces to be manufactured or elements throughout the interior require non-stock pieces to be furnished, Fortune Restoration has honed their skill in custom millwork repairs and custom millwork restoration. To keep to the home’s individual style and character, each project is approached with the full attention to the detail and coherence of all the involved elements.

Custom Millwork Kenilworth, Lincoln Park

Being able to provide custom millwork is vital when restoring architectural details for historic and traditional homes alike. Fortune Restoration is able to meet those needs for any project; from simple detailing to ornate woodwork, you can rest assured that Fortune Restoration will provide a seamless result. Fortune’s custom millwork services have helped restore original details to windows, trim, columns and posts, for both interior and exterior features.

Custom Millwork Hinsdale, Hyde Park

Fortune Restoration has worked on a wide variety of historical landmarks, churches, and Victorian-era homes, all of which present detailed, often one-of-a-kind architectural elements. Fortune Restoration’s ability to recreate these patterns and forms is vital to the success of these types of buildings and bring their expertise to every project. Whether you need custom millwork done in Kenilworth to Lincoln Park or Oak Park, Hinsdale, to Hyde Park, Fortune Restoration can help. Contact Fortune Restoration today to ensure the highest quality custom millwork for your home or business.