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Siding Replacement & Repair Chicago

Since colonial times, American homes have been protected from the outside elements by thin, overlapping wood planks also known as clapboard. This siding was originally hand split from logs of white pine, hemlock, spruce, or cypress. Today, clapboard siding comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and material, such as different woods, fiber cement, or vinyl.

Fortune Restoration’s siding restoration services help gauge the best possible treatment for weathered or damaged siding. Due to constant exposure, wood siding can be damaged by means of water damage or wood rot, which can require sections to be repaired or replaced. The type of wood siding restoration needed is as unique as the home itself. Fortune Restoration has worked on countless homes with wood siding, and can provide a seamless, high quality result that will last for years to come. Some of the neighborhoods Fortune Restoration has serviced throughout the years include Kenilworth, Evanston, Old Irving Park, Edgewater, and Rogers Park. Some projects require minor wood siding repair, where only a few boards need to be repaired or replaced. Other projects, where the siding has been subjected to extreme damage may require more extensive wood siding replacement.

Tight seams with existing wood siding will keep moisture out, and aid in the longevity of the repairs. Upkeep and maintenance of the siding will ensure the wood siding restoration project holds up throughout the ever changing seasons.