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Coping Repair & Installation

Copings protect your masonry walls from water seepage, which can lead to cracking and other deterioration. Ensuring your current coping tiles are in good condition or that your new coping tiles were installed properly, is vital to keeping water out from your building’s walls, especially in the freeze-thaw climate of the Chicago area. To make sure your current copings remains in good condition or if you are looking to install new copings, you want to call on an experienced masonry contractor. With Fortune Restoration, you can ensure to receive an accurate quote using high quality materials and an experienced masonry team to thoroughly complete the job.

Coping Repair & Installation Evanston

Fortune Restoration provides the highest quality service when it comes to roof coping repair and replacement or coping repair and replacement. Since damaged and improperly installed roof coping tiles can result in damage to the interior and exterior of the house, it requires consistent repair work to avoid water damage. Fortune Restoration’s experienced masons have worked with limestone/ stone copings, clay tile copings, steel copings, concrete copings, aluminum copings, just to name a few.

The roof copings act as a barrier at the top point of entry to the exterior walls of your property, to help maintain the exterior walls integrity and prevent interior water damage, it is recommended to repair copings as soon as damage is noticed. If left unrepaired, new damage will become apparent on the interior of the home and can create significant damage to exterior walls. Whether your project requires coping repair or coping installation, Fortune Restoration can provide a same day quote in your neighborhood. Servicing the Chicagoland area since 1979, Fortune can provide references from satisfied customers in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Evanston, Rogers Park, Edgewater, Old Iriving Park, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, to Hyde Park.

If you need someone to repair or install the coping tiles at home or office you can contact Fortune Restoration for a free inspection and estimate. Fortune stands behind their work and have a good reputation for dealing with small and large projects.