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Brick Masonry in Chicago – Tuckpointing & Repair

Cost Effective Brick Repair in Chicago, IL

If you own property in Chicago, you may be familiar with the many ways in which brick and other masonry materials can age and degrade. Fortunately, maintaining brick and mortar joints is easy with help from our professional masonry and tuckpointing contractors.

Many people have limited knowledge of how to properly restore aging masonry. This is where our experts come in. Fortunate Restoration has years of experience working with all types of building materials, including brick and mortar, stone, and concrete.

Our team is highly trained and skilled in brick masonry for Chicago properties both old and new. Contact us today to get a free project quote!

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Trusted Chicago Masonry Contractors

We provide the finest brick repair in Chicago, including sourcing and matching services for every facet of your building’s structure.

Our goal is to match the materials we restore in both color and dimension. When possible, we source locally for your project to match even the finest details. We also prefer to use high-quality customary lime and sand in the repair and tuckpointing process.
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Repairing & Restoring Mortar

When repairing or restoring mortar on old homes, businesses, and other Chicago structures, the replacement mortar must be compatible with the old mortar. Incompatible mortar can cause irreversible damage to historic masonry. A similar problem can occur with incompatible paint and stucco, as well.

Our skilled masonry contractors understand these intricacies that make brick restoration in Chicago such a delicate process. When you hire Fortune Restoration, you can rest assured we’ll leave your property looking like-new again without compromising its historical design.

Modern Masonry Contractors in Chicago

In addition to restoring historic masonry, at Fortune Restoration we also work on modern construction. We address flaws such as cracks, erosion, and crumbling materials in brick and stone walls with efficiency and skill.

Ensure Stability for Your Brick Structure – Call Our Brick Repair & Tuckpointing Contractors

If you have a home or commercial property with a brick façade, you probably expect it to last a long time. However, without proper care, this may not be the case. As time passes, the mortar between bricks begins to wear down, compromising the structural integrity of the building.

At Fortune Restoration, our dedicated team of masonry and tuckpointing contractors can evaluate your property. Our experts will assess and repair any existing brick and mortar problems, improving the building’s structure and aesthetics. Proper brick care also helps prevent future damage from occurring.

Is Tuckpointing an Effective Repair Method on Its Own?

In most cases, there is no need to replace all of the brick on any one structure. Tuckpointing is often the best way to protect brick from deteriorating. It involves replacing old mortar joints rather than the bricks themselves. This helps ensure everything looks natural while also improving the structural integrity and aesthetics of your home or commercial building.

Our Experienced Contractors Provide Superior Results

When it’s time to hire skilled masonry contractors for brick repair services in Chicago, you need the best. At Fortune Restoration, we have the experience, equipment, and ability to provide the quality results you expect.

Contact us today to learn more about our tuckpointing and masonry restoration services. For years, clients have trusted us with their historic Chicago homes, churches, and city and community buildings. We have a reputation for restoring elegance and integrity to every property we work on without compromising its historical beauty.

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When you trust Fortune Restoration for masonry repair and tuckpointing services, you receive top quality results. Don’t wait- contact our experienced professionals to request a free project quote!