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Masonry FAQ

What Is Masonry Restoration?

Masonry restoration is any form of masonry on an existing, often historical, building that does not involve actually building it. It is repairing, replacing, and restoring bricks that are still on or once were attached to a building that is already constructed.

What Masonry Services Does Fortune Restoration Offer?

Tuckpointing – the process of repairing mortar joints on historical buildings that have become cracked or started to deteriorate. This helps to prevent damage to the surrounding brick or stone wall.

Chimney Repair & Restoration – In older homes, historic structures, and historic landmarks, it is not uncommon for the brick and mortar to begin to crack and crumble. If you need your chimney repaired, contact one of our Masonry Contractors Oak Park today.

Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement – Chimney caps help to extend the life of your chimney and reduce any unwanted buildup of rain or moisture.

Brick Replacement – If your home or historic structure has damaged or missing bricks, give us a call to replace these bricks and improve the look and stability of your exterior walls.

Parapet Wall Repairs – In Chicago, two- and three-flat homes and buildings are prevalent. When the walls and mortars become damaged over time, call one of our masonry contractors Oak Park to have them repaired.

Coping Repair & Installation – Coping protects your walls from water seepage so it is important to make sure your coping tiles are installed properly and don’t show signs of cracking or deterioration.

Chemical Cleaning – Over time, grime and dirt build up on stone and masonry. Chemical cleaning is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the look and dependability of the masonry on any home, historical building, or historical landmark.

Pavers Installation – Improve the look of your path, sidewalk, or driveway with easy-to-maintain stone pavers.

How Long Should My Mortar Joints Last?

Mortar joints are serviceable for 35+ years when correctly installed. The brick, stone, and concrete masonry units themselves can last over 100 years of they are properly maintained. 

Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps will help to extend the life of your chimney by keeping out unwanted pests and animals. The lid eliminates the risk of internal chimney damage from rain and the screen asks as a spark arrestor for the fireplace.

What Historical Landmarks Have We Restored?

  • Birthplace of Walt Disney
  • Flanders & Zimmerman
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Grosse Point Lighthouse – Evanston
  • EE Roberts
  • Evanston Historical Landmark Home
  • Italian Village – Chicago Loop
  • Noble Seymour Crippen House – Norwood Park
  • Patterson-McCormick Mansion
  • Yerkes Observatory – Williams Bay, WI
  • Biograph Theater

What Areas Of Chicago Do We Service?

If you’re looking for a trusted masonry contractor in Chicago, give us a call.

  • Wrigleyville
  • Lakeview
  • Lincoln Park
  • Old Town
  • Wicker Park
  • Rogers Park
  • Evanston
  • Hinsdale
  • Oak Park
  • Park Ridge
  • Wilmette
  • Lincolnwood