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Mortar joints are serviceable for 35 years or more when properly installed. The masonry units themselves, brick, stone, or concrete block, may have a serviceable life of 100 years or more.

Tuckpointing Services In Chicago

As with any building product continuously exposed to the elements, masonry is subject to weathering. Acids in the rain, seismic movement, building settlement, freezing and thawing cycles, impact damage, and dirt take their toll. Regular maintenance is recommended to prevent moisture infiltration to the wall, causing cracks or spalling in the brick, stone, or concrete block.

Tuckpointing Services Kenilworth, Wilmette

Tuckpointing, the process of repairing mortar joints, is crucial to the integrity of any masonry wall. When visual inspection reveals that the mortar joints are compromised with cracking or are otherwise deteriorated, restoration and tuckpointing is necessary to help prevent damage to the surrounding brick or stone and wall. Tuckpointing in Chicago becomes mandatory when the mortar joints begin to crack and chip due to the effects of the ever changing weather conditions.

Tuckpointing Services Evanston, Rogers Park

Fortune Restoration is a skilled masonry contractor with professional masons who have training in selecting mortar carefully and work diligently to match the color so the appearance of the wall isn’t compromised and a cohesive repair is nearly undetectable. Fortune’s expert masons use high quality material and are able to replicate tooling through skillful techniques.

Tuckpointing Services Edgewater and Oak Park, Hinsdale

Fortune Restoration is a seasoned full restoration service company; they have carried out tuckpointing work on several national and local historic landmarks throughout the Chicagoland area. These projects required a wide range of specialization, from color matching to custom joint tooling. Fortune is also proud to be the go-to restoration service for several historic churches and properties in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for tuckpointing quotes from a reputable company servicing throughout Kenilworth, Wilmette, Evanston, Rogers Park, Edgewater and Oak Park, Hinsdale, and Hyde Park, contact Fortune Restoration for a same day quote.