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Evanston Residential Painting

Fortune Restoration is Chicago’s premier painting, carpentry and masonry contractors.

Quality interior painting is only possible when it comes from professional painters. They will work with the interior designs or house painting project that you have in mind. Custom color consultation and advice for color matching are also provided. Painting contractors at Fortune Restoration are available for all of these painting services.

Painting Contractors Evanston, Chicago

We offer a wide variety of services, including:

  1. Interior painting
  2. Faux painting
  3. Paint removal
  4. Color testing
  5. Wallpaper and wall coverings
  6. Textured walls and Church Restoration Chicago

We have been providing interior painting services in Evanston for more than 35 years now and have successfully accomplished countless painting projects ever since. We have secured a reputation for working as a painting contractor for various residential and commercial properties, antique and newly built.

We live up to your expectation

Whether you have a new construction or are just seeking to brighten up the dull appearance of old paint, you can rely on our expertise, experience and skills.

Painting Residential Contractors Evanston, Chicago

We’re responsive and proactive about the projects we undertake. The prepping process is essential for restoration jobs. By doing so, quality work is guaranteed.

  1. We are experts with colors.
  2. Using quality tools and paint, we deliver smooth walls and ceilings.
  3. We have your painting project complete at the earliest.
  4. The tedious and unpleasant cleaning after pain is also our responsibility.

Award winning projects we’ve delivered

Fortune Restoration is one of the few top painting contractors that have worked to restore in the Chicago area. We are proud to have painted and restored many popular buildings in Evanston and the Grosse Point Light Station is the best example.

House Painting Evanston, Chicago

The best painting projects we accomplished in the past are Italian Village restaurant and The Noble-Seymour-Crippen House, the oldest home in Chicago. We also feel proud to have successfully restored the award-winning Painted Lady in Oak Park, IL, Painted Lady Chicago and several esteemed buildings in Evanston.

Painters Evanston, Chicago

Professional masonry, painting and tuckpointing contractors are available for residential and commercial restoration in Chicago and surrounding suburbs: Evanston, Oak Park, Wilmette, Lincoln Park, Rogers Park, Lakeview, Hinsdale, Kenwood, Hyde Park, Wrigleyville, Lake Forest, and Winnetka. When it’s time for home renovation, including brick repair, you want a professional for the job.

Count on Experienced House Painters in Evanston

You want your home to look great inside and out. The best way to accomplish this is to hire professionals to help you with the job. At Fortune Restoration, we offer house painting services for the interior and exterior of your home, allowing you to transform the look of your home. We can help you choose the right colors to complement your furniture and the rest of your decor, as well as apply the paint for that professional finish.

Help with Every Step

While some homeowners are sure which colors they want to use in their home, others may need help. Even if you know the general color you are looking for, it can be difficult to find the precise hue that matches your needs. We can help you find the exact color that will complement the furniture you have, as well as the decor throughout your home. Once we select your ideal colors, our professional painters in Evanston will complete the work for you, providing a beautiful finish for all your painting projects.

A Team of Professionals

House painting in Evanston doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, the job will go much more quickly when you hire a team of professional painters to help you. They have the experience necessary to safely and effectively apply the paint so you can enjoy a beautiful home, whether you need exterior painting or interior painting services.

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