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Choosing the Paint Color First

Many people get eager about redoing a room and immediately think about what color they want painters to paint the walls. While this is an important factor to keep in mind in a room renovation, it shouldn’t be taken as the first step.

  • Choosing the paint color first pins you in a corner.
  • The paint color is the most permanent decision in a renovation process. If you chose the paint color first then try to work around that decision, it can be very difficult.
  • If you decide on the multiple other items that will be in the room first and then paint the room, you will have more flexibility with the outcome. This will likely lead to a more successful makeover. Fortune Restoration painters in Evanston are always available for input when you feel ready.


Not Being Careful of Trends

People commit themselves to a certain color at the time of a renovation because that is what is “in” right now, but trends can come and go quickly.

  • While it is important to understand color trends, it is also important not to commit yourself to a color for a scheme that is about to go out of style quickly.
  • Therefore, it can be beneficial to look at more neutral colors that never go out of style. You can always buy and sell items of that trendy color you like, but It would be much more time consuming to repaint your home.
  • Our staff and painters in Evanston give free consultations if you want assistance with a color or trend.


Missing Sight of your Emotional Goal

All colors evoke feelings, and not considering the feeling you want in your room before painting it will certainly throw off the atmosphere.

  • Make sure the color of your choosing evokes the right feelings you want in that room. Choose lighter colors for a more open and relaxing atmosphere, and choose deeper colors for a more dramatic atmosphere.
  • Matching the function of the room to the feeling is also important. Each room serves a different purpose, so keep that in mind when choosing new colors.


Not Considering the Size of the Room

Some spaces are better suited for lighter walls and some spaces are better for darker walls depending on the size of the room alone.

  • Interior designers suggest lighter colors to make a room feel bigger and more inviting. These include shades of soft tones, such as off-white, light blue and light green.
  • Dark colors absorb light, making a room look smaller. If you’re renovating a small space, darker colors may not be recommended.


Whatever your home, a contemporary or a historical masterpiece, our professionals will offer multiple color samples and help you choose those that are just right for you.  So, email or call us at 847-973-7348 today for your free, no-obligation estimate and let Fortune Restoration work with you in color testing and transforming your home.