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Evanston has many claims to fame. Among others, it’s the home of Northwestern University, it’s the birthplace of Tinkertoys and along with several other cities, it claims to be the birthplace of the ice cream sundae.


In addition, because of its abundance of beautiful homes, many refer to Evanston as “the city of homes,” and Fortune Restoration takes pride in being, we believe, the leading painter in Evanston, working to preserve and keep many of these residences looking their very finest for years to come.


Though, strictly speaking, not a private residence, an Evanston landmark that Fortune Restoration has helped preserve and beautify is the Grosse Point Lighthouse. The United States government built this Evanston landmark in 1873 as the main lighthouse marking the approach to Chicago after several disastrous shipwrecks demonstrated the need for this facility.


At Fortune Restoration we are proud to have played a role in preserving this part of Evanston’s past. Twice in the past 25 years we’ve been commissioned by the Illinois Department of Transportation to restore the lighthouse. Our work included stucco repair and recoating, along with wood and glass replacement and painting the entire exterior of the lighthouse.


If you need a painter in Evanston, you can rest assured that Fortune Restoration’s professionals will bring to your home the same loving care and attention to detail we’ve used in preserving the Grosse Point Lighthouse.


How can Fortune Restoration preserve and refurbish your Evanston home? Let us mention a couple of ways for starters:

  • Extensive preparation – Before we open a can of paint, our painting professionals will carefully prepare the surfaces they’ll work on. Our prep work includes removal of all old, flaking paint and finishes, along with dirt and grime, so that the new paint adheres to the surface and lasts for years to come. We’ll also be sure to cover all outside furniture, plants and flower beds.
  • Extensive color choices – We know choosing the right color for the outside of your home is not an easy task. Our painting professionals will work with you and help you choose just the right colors that fit your taste and also blend with the surrounding neighborhood.

Need interior work? We can handle that as well with equal attention to all the fine details, along with the use of only the highest quality paints and materials.


Let Fortune Restoration be your painter in Evanston. Email us or call 847-851-3240 today for a free-no-obligation estimate, and let’s get to work!