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Many people see DIY projects as a cheaper way to get a project done. What they don’t realize is when the project is finished, it often ends up as a more expensive and timely ordeal than they expected. Here is what we want you to recognize when you are confronting your own paint project:


Extra Paint

Whether you are painting your whole house or just one room, a new paint job is a big project to tackle. The first step to any painting project is estimating how much paint you will need. Those who are new to a painting project may only try to estimate paint costs for the size of the room. However, you want more than enough to cover the walls just in case you need to do touch ups from mistakes, or go over the coat if it did not turn out as planned.  Also, as your walls become more worn and torn, you want extra of your paint color to easily fix up damages in the future.

Feel free to call Fortune Restoration painters in Chicago for more information about how to plan your paint purchases.


Specific Brushes

The next important purchase is paint brushes. What you may not know is that specific paints will be easier to work with when using specific brushes. These vary widely in quality and cost. The type of brush you use is dependent on the style of paint you are using. For instance, synthetic brushes start around $17 and are best used with acrylic paints and natural bristle brushes are more expensive at around $22 and are typically used with oil paints, polyurethanes and varnishes. Another option that may appear cheaper is to use rollers. Their initial purchase is less expensive, but they require more keep up. Their roller heads need to be changed periodically for the most efficient paint jobs.

At Fortune Restoration, we staff high quality painters in Chicago who are educated on the top brushes and rollers to complete your walls.



A cost to DIY painting that you cannot get back is lost time. People typically underestimate the amount of time it takes to complete a DIY painting project. You do not want to go too fast and end up with a messy final product, but you also don’t have all day. Here at Fortune Restoration, we understand your busy life and are here to help. We pride ourselves on the personal care and attention necessary for a marvelous finished look.


Whatever your home, a contemporary or a historical masterpiece, our services will provide all the essential tools necessary for fabulous painted walls. So, email or call us at 847-973-7348 today for your free, no-obligation estimate and let Fortune Restoration painters in Chicago will work with in transforming your home.