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Lead Paint Removal in Chicago, IL

A telltale sign of an old home in Chicagoland is cracked, peeling, and chipped paint. Some old houses have as many as 5-7 coats of exterior paint, which results in siding that can no longer hold a fresh layer. The end result is a job that will continually chip and crack in various areas. The remedy for this is to hire a contractor who specializes in exterior painting in Chicago to do a complete paint removal.

Fortune Restoration has been in the painting business for over 35 years, which means we’re familiar with paint removal projects of all sizes, including lead paint removal in Chicago.

Paint removal done right means that after the job is done and a new coat of paint is applied, your house will look brand new, and the results will last for years to come.

Exterior Paint Removal in Chicago and the Surrounding Areas

There are various ways to effectively remove paint from the exterior of a building. Each method is specific to the home’s history. For example, older homes constructed before 1978 require special care and diligence due to the risk of lead in the paint. Not every professional paint company is familiar with this type of paint removal, but the team at Fortune Restoration has extensive experience in safely removing toxic paint from Chicago residences.

The steps we take to properly remove lead paint without leaving behind hazardous residue, paint chips, or debris, are intensive and meticulous. Our painting contractors utilize safety suits and masks to carefully remove the old paint and dispose of it properly, ensuring that your property is no longer contaminated by the time the job is complete.

Performing lead paint removal is dangerous without proper training and equipment. Our professionals know how to protect themselves against lead exposure, preventing the inhalation of lead dust, and otherwise coming into contact with lead based paint.

Newer homes built after 1978 with chipping paint can simply be scraped down, power washed, or a chemical peel can be used. In each situation, Fortune Restoration will work with you to choose the best paint removal method available. We can also provide you with a same day quote, so call us today at (847) 647-2500 to schedule a project consultation!

Professional Paint Removal Services

If you’re searching for a dependable company with experience in exterior or interior paint removal, contact us at Fortune Restoration. As a Chicagoland company, we have experience working on homes and churches over 100 years old.

You can rest assured when you hire us that the greatest care is taken not to damage your home or business during the paint removal process. We utilize several methods for paint removal on projects of all sizes, ensuring a clean, ready surface every time.

If you have an old home with lead paint, our professional paint contractors will remove it carefully and safely. Contact us to schedule a project consultation when you call (847) 647-2500 today.