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A new home or condo is never complete without a fresh paint job. If you are a new home or condo owner and in need of house painting in Chicago, Fortune Restoration has 37 years of house painting in Chicago experience and can help complete your new home!


When is the right time to paint?

This is entirely up to you—the new home owner. Some new home owners try to take advantage of an empty apartment and hire house painter in Chicago to paint the walls right away before they move their stuff in. Other new home or condo owners want to get settled in a bit before making paint a decision to make sure it is a cohesive space when all is said and done. No matter when you choose to paint, Fortune Restoration can help you get the job done right!



When your new home or condo is ready, our painters will investigate and repair all wall surfaces to make sure there are no holes, digs, or bumps that may diminish the walls aesthetic. With the proper tools and acute eyes, we will fill in any digs and sand the walls appropriately.



For the best new house painting in Chicago, we help choose a high-quality primer to prepare your wall for the final wall color. The primer will aid in sealing the new surface and allow the final paint color to stick better to the wall.



The painting will begin after the primer has thoroughly dried, which can take 1-3 hours.  Our full-service painting contractors will then work quickly and precisely to complete their projects so you can see the end result as soon as possible.  We employ painters who understand professional methods and techniques when house painting in Chicago. To create a beautiful masterpiece, we are able to supply high quality paint, brushes, and rollers.


Whether you have a contemporary or historical home, our professionals will help you through the painting process—from helping chose a color and until that color is surrounding your home. So, email or call us at 847-973-7348 today for your free, no-obligation estimate and let Fortune Restoration work with you in transforming your brand-new home.