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Questions To Ask Professional Painters

What If I’m Not Totally Sure What Paint Color I Want?

No problem! Make sure you love the color you’re thinking about for your home or business before you paint it. Fortune Restoration offers color testing – a way for you to try out a few colors before painting the entire property. Our professional painters Evanston will paint several color samples on the exterior of your home or business and give you a few days to decide which one you like best.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare For My Upcoming Paint Job?

We’ve got it covered! Fortune Restoration painters will cover, protect, and move any items and belongings that may interfere with a successful paint job before they begin. They will clean all necessary surfaces and remove any old loose paint, in addition to sanding all surfaces. If painting the exterior of your home or business, Fortune Restoration can provide a power washing service as well. Next, your painters Evanston will prime the areas to be painted to ensure the best end result.

How Long Will My Project Take?

As part of Fortune Restoration’s painting services, the customer will be given a progress report at the end of each day to let you know that status of your project. Your painters Evanston will also make sure to do a thorough clean up job each day, so even while the painting project is still in-progress, your home or property will always look its best.

How Often Should I Get The Exterior Of My Historic Home Painted?

Our professional painters recommend that you have exterior panting done every 5 to 7 years. As time and weather pass, you paint will begin to fade and lose its aesthetic appeal. Getting your home or business painted every few years will not only improve its look, but it will help to protect your exterior from extreme weather conditions.

What Is Faux Painting And Can You Do It?

Faux painting is an interior decorative paint technique done to replicate the appearance of materials such as stone, wood, or marble. Our professional painters Evanston are well-versed in these trendy techniques and would be happy to apply any of them to your historic home or business.