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Stucco Repair

If your property is covered in stucco and showing signs of cracks or damage, Fortune Restoration can help with your stucco repair and patching project. Stucco, a cement- or lime-based plaster, is as carefree and long-lived a cladding as any homeowner can wish. To get 100 years out of your stucco siding, is not uncommon but like any sturdy home, foundation is key. As strong and lasting as stucco is, leaving damages without repair only accelerates the damage.

Stucco Repair Chicagoland, Evanston, Oak Park, Wilmette, Lincoln Park, Rogers Park, Hinsdale

The textured look of stucco can be created in many different ways, and matching the color of existing stucco is no easy task. To ensure both are replicated perfectly in a repair, you should hire Fortune Restoration. Fortune has been expertly working on stucco homes throughout the Chicagoland area such as, Rogers Park, Edgewater, Old Irving Park, Bucktown, and Hyde Park, also in the suburbs of Wilmette, Evanston, Oak Park and Hinsdale.

Stucco Repair Hyde Park, Wrigleville, Winnetka, Edgewater, Bucktown, Old Irving Park, Kenwilworth

Fortune has years of experience with stucco installation and stucco repair or stucco patching. As a full service restoration company, they have worked on a wide variety of structures; from recent builds to older properties. Like any project, preparation is crucial with stucco. By cleaning and breaking away loose stucco pieces, Fortune’s expert team can assess if there are any underlying issues. Once all patches and repairs are completed and have cured, a finish coat of paint or sealer can be applied so that your stucco exterior can withstand many more years.