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Wood Stripping & Refinishing

Original doors and trim work collect layers of paint and finishes throughout the years. What to do if you wanted to remove that paint or refinish the wood, call Fortune Restoration for wood stripping or wood refinishing. With over 36 years of experience, Fortune Restoration can help bring out the beauty under years of paint or restore an old and weather beaten finish. Need a free estimate, contact Fortune Restoration. Serving Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods since 1976, from Evanston to Old Irving Park, Lincoln Park, Oak Park and Hyde Park.

Wood Stripping & Refinishing Oak Park

Prepping of all surrounding hardware and surfaces is key to proper stripping to ensure these areas are protected. Fortune Restoration’s experience team will use professional grade products to remove finishes and leave a clean slate for the new coat. Once all finishes are cleaned off, repairs can be done to cracks or indentations to provide an even surface to work on. The surface must be sanded to ensure an even surface for the new finish to cover. Whether you wanted to recoat the surface with paint and apply a stain and sealer, Fortune Restoration can provide the finish you desire. Proper application of the new finish creates a uniform, clean look; whether it’s an even, clean painted surface or allowing the grain of the wood shine through.