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Masonry is a highly durable material widely utilized in Chicago.  Our staff at Fortune Restoration works hard to understand and educate ourselves about masonry, so you feel comfortable when we are working with your masonry.

You may be familiar with some of the perks of having a masonry building, but there are many benefits a masonry structure has that a non-masonry structure cannot provide.

  • Masonry structures can have lower insurance costs than non-masonry structures.
    This is due to their numerous safety and wellness benefits in comparison to other materials.
  • They are termite resistant.
    The exterior walls are made of masonry which means there is no wood for termites to feast. Masonry building are more pest resistant in general than other homes.
  • Masonry’s lifecycle is unsurpassed by any other building material.
    High quality masonry can last thousands of years, as proved by the historical landmarks that still stand today. Often they need restoration, but their durability is yet unmatched.
  • Cavity walls were developed to reduce water penetration problems.
    If too much water leaks into masonry, this is when problems such as cracking and damaging occurs. Fortune Restoration offers tuck pointing to fix this issue when cavity walls are not performing well.
  • Masonry homes are more pest resistant.
    Masonry is solid and has fewer penetrations and connections than materials such as wood frame construction. In masonry homes, there is basically no point of entry for pests to invade.
  • Masonry has natural insulator characteristics.
    A wonderful benefit to these homes is the ability to save money on gas or electric energy bills. Masonry buildings are strong and thick, holding temperature inside it longer than wood frame constructions.
  • Brick homes on average command 6% higher resale prices than non-brick homes.
    Most likely due to the numerous other benefits listed above, brick masonry homes are popular items in the real estate market. Their historical aesthetics and special advantages makes them a profitable asset if you keep them renovated.

When you are restoring a contemporary or historical building with masonry in Chicago, email or call Fortune Restoration at 847-973-7348 to let our brick experts save your masonry.