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The Encyclopedia Britannica defines masonry as the art and craft of building and fabricating in stone, clay, brick, or concrete block. This ancient art and craft has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. Masonry in Chicago is still all around you. Schools, homes, business and more have masonry in their buildings. And historical landmarks offer a glimpse into the past of masonry. Historical restoration allows us to preserve the masonry of these landmarks so we can see them as they were when they first stood.


The ancient practice of masonry has a rich and beautiful history. For generations, builders have used masonry to create the greatest structures in the world. Fortune Restoration preserves that practice today and we created this guide to bring you up to speed on the history of masonry.


First Use Of Masonry

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, masonry dates back to cavemen. Cavemen were unsatisfied with only having natural caves and so created more caves using stones. The Aran Islands in Ireland had huts made of stone. Ancient Egypt found ways to advance the stonemasonry technique. The result is one of the world’s most recognizable and amazing structures — the pyramids.



The materials used in masonry have always depended on what the geological region offered the people. The pyramids were made using material taken from near the Nile River such as sandstone and granite. In west Asia, they made use of the abundance of clay deposits. Masonry saw a radical advancement when the Romans began to use concrete. Different time periods like the Middle Ages saw the continued use of stone and clay.


Radical Changes

The beauty of masonry is that it changes the way people build their cities. The invention of concrete allowed Romans to radically change the way buildings were built. The new tensile strength of concrete allowed them to begin creating arches which led to many new structures using the arch. The Middle Ages saw improvements upon the arch when the pointed arch was created. In the 20th century, masonry was preferred over wood construction thanks to its resistance to fire and its regulation of temperature.


Masonry Chicago

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