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Historic landmarks offer a window into the past of our country’s rich history. One of the most beautiful and interesting aspects of many of these landmarks is the masonry used to make them. Unfortunately, like any other masonry constantly exposed to the elements, there is a risk of breakdown.

Breakdown of these historical landmarks means future generations will not get to enjoy them as we did. This problem can be solved with tuckpointing. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago are able to restore landmarks and ensure they last for generations to come.

What Is Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is the process of repairing the mortar joints of a masonry wall. Many national historic landmarks have extensive masonry. Acid rain, seismic movement, settlement, freezing and thawing can all cause breakdown in the mortar joints. A building that is not maintained can be plagued by moisture infiltration leading to cracks and compromising the integrity of the building. Rather than let these buildings crumble, we can use tuckpointing to restore them.

How Is It Done

The restoration of historic landmarks requires specialized professionals. Since the original may have been built hundreds of years ago, making the restoration look like the original requires color matching, custom joint tooling, and more. Professionals will use high-quality material to make sure the repair is as close to undetectable as possible.

Examples Of Historic Restoration

The Evanston Historical Landmark Home is one example of a landmark which underwent tuckpointing. This limestone home, built in 1895 had been exposed to Lake Michigan for over 100 years. The professionals were required to match stone from 120 years ago. After the extensive work, the home looks as it did when it was originally built. Learn more about the Evanston Historic Landmark Home.

How Long Does It Last

Historic landmarks need not be restored often. A well-installed mortar joint can last for 35 years or more. The brick, stone, or concrete block can be intact for more than 100 years.

Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago

Fortune Restoration is home to the best tuckpointing contractors in Chicago. The company has seen and done it all, including having restored national and local historic landmarks. Fortune is experienced with much more than just tuckpointing. They are in the business of full restoration. If you want a home, historical landmark, or church restored to its former glory, call (847) 647-2500 to speak to the professionals at Fortune Restoration today.