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At Fortune Restoration we know that the preparation done in advance of paining your home or commercial property is as important as the painting itself. Without the proper prep work, you’re not going to be satisfied and neither are we.


If you hire Fortune Restoration as your painting contractor, here’s a list some of the steps we’ll take in paint job preparation to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

  • A Thorough Inspection of Your Property – Before our professionals start painting, there are several things to look for and consider. Is there any rot or other damage that needs repairing, and was your property built before 1978? If it was, the old paint probably contains lead, and that requires extra caution in doing the prep work.

We want to know all we can in advance about your needs and expectations so that we can deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations!

  • Color Selection – After the inspection, we’ll work with you in choosing the colors that are right for your property, an especially crucial decision for your home. Our painting professionals will help you choose colors that blend with other parts of your home as well as with your neighborhood. This choice is especially important if you live in an historical neighborhood where you want your home to blend with the esthetics of the surrounding area.
  • Power Washing – This is an especially important step in historical areas of Chicago where homes and buildings may have absorbed decades of dirt and grime. Mold, dust, loose paint, mud and dirt are expertly removed, insuring that new applications of paint adhere to the surface.
  • Site Protection – We’re careful to cover all walkways, landscaping and flowers, and we make sure we’re able to capture any paint chips, crucial if we’re working with old, lead-based paint.
  • Caulking and Masking – Caulking cracks and windows and filling small holes is very important in protecting your home from the elements, while masking guarantees that no paint winds up on your windows.


Rest assured, those are just a few of the steps Fortune Restoration takes in our paint job preparation. And don’t forget, when the work is done we’ll safely dispose of any leftover materials, paint chips and other residue in environmentally safe ways.


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